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    Dla 4.9 And Sata Drives - Dla Not Recognizing Drive

    Thanks for the reply - I guess I should have said a bit more in my original message --- DLA was correctly installed - numerous times. The system is an XP system. It is a system of one of my clients. They just got a new computer - against my recommendations of just upgrading the HDD and memory on the existing system. The new system has an SATA HDD and DVD+-RW drive - no other acesss is provided, you can't attach an IDE drive without some converter/adapter. There simply is no IDE support on the motherboard and neither are there any "ide" power cables. The program I want to have drive letter access for is a backup program I wrote for them for a mission critical application. The program (when it can access the CD in the old system) copies the database, calculates a CRC for it and then reads the backup copy, calculates a CRC, and compares the two CRCs as a test of the integrity of the backup and the readability of the backup file - the readability being the key thing. I have seen too many people make backups in a way that does not test the backup and then, when they desperately need the backup, they find it is not readable. A "pendrive" is not an alternative here. Using CD-RW drives is about the only way to go with this program. First, cost, RW discs are cheaper than USB storage devices and, second, we are dealing with fairly computer illiterate personnel. They want a backup method where they can use individual media for each day - using a USB storage device would really run up the costs if they needed one for each day - which they do. They don't use grandfather, father, and son rotation - they use great-great-great-great-grandfather, great-great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and son. This data is, as I said, mission critical. When a disc fills up, they format a new disc (usually I do the formatting) and use a the disc. Even if they are not full, we put new media into the rotation every 3 or 4 months. The cost of doing this with USB storage devices is simply a deal killer. They have been successfully using my backup program for about 5 years on their old hardware. The only think I can figure out is that DLA is not recognizing the SATA DVD+-RW drive correctly as a drive it can handle. As to a replace4ment for DLA, on the page at http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/dla/features.html says -- "DLA is now called Roxio Burn. Downloading and installing Roxio Burn will resolve DLA incompatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8." I found that page after I posted my original message. The problem is, that the page only speaks of drag and drop access. Even though it says it replaces DLA, the page does not mention drive letter access. As to Windows 7 - I have literally forbade my clients to go to Vista or 7. The products are simply to young and, as such, are not stable products. "He who rushes to a new operating system is destined to pay the price in problems and security issues." That's my saying. BTW - I've been in data processing for 37+ years -- yes, I'm a "mainframer" In my last three positions before I branched out on my own, I was Senior System Programmer, responsible for all non application software - the operating system, communications products, etc. etc. I learned long ago, the hard way, that you should never rush to new versions of any product unless you absolutely, positively have to have a new feature in the new version. I used to allow a new operating system, or other product, release to "mature" for at least two years before I even began the installation and switch over planning. When I finally installed it, IBM would have shipped my the new release and all of the fixes for problems found in the first two years of the versions life. I can only think of two problems we had after I switched the new operation system into production and they were minor things which we resolved in an hour or two. When XP is completely at the end of it's life cycle (and I mean COMPLETELY), we will consider the options for operating systems at that time. I'm thinking of getting an adapter that will allow the attachment of an IDE CD drive to this system and then install an IDE CD-RW drive, perhaps the one they have been using on the other system for over five years, and see if DLA recognizes the drive as one it should handle. So, thanks again for your reply. Now, does anyone know if Roxio Burn actually provides drive letter access. That page I referred to, above, http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/dla/features.html says DLA is now called Roxio Burn Anyone know if that is actually the case - does Roxio Burn have Driver Letter Access? Bob & Simon
  2. So, DLA is now a "legacy" product - correct? What replaced it? I have installed DLA 4.9 on a new computer - replacing the computer the product was on - and it does not recognize the SATA DVD+-RW drive. When I right click the drive, say in Windows Explorer, the Format and Use DLA items are not in the right click menu. Does anyone know of a work around for this problem or do I have to purchase something new? If I have to purchase something new, does Sonic/Roxio offer a product which provides the same features as DLA? I need a product which will allow access to a CD drive by drive letter so that programs can read and write to the drive as though it was a HDD or a Diskette. Bob & Simon