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  1. It's not only the software from ION that allows listening and recording. Others do allow it as well. I've purchased several over the years and prefer this interface and work flow, just seems like a waste to not hear the music as I go.
  2. Hi, I am using Roxio RecordNow 10 Music Lab to record LP's on my ION USB turntable. When I try to use the automatic song ID to lookup song titles and fill track information in automatically I usually get a bad ID. It gets the right song only 2 or 3 times out of 5 or 6 tracks. Sometimes it doesn't get any and it never gets them all. It isn't even consistent. I had one ID correctly 4 tracks then hit the wrong button so I had to do it again. This time it ID'd only 1 track correctly. Does this really work this poorly? Thanks for the help.
  3. Hi, Is there any way to listen to the music I am recording? I'm using RecordNow 10 Music Lab and although it records music fine I can't hear it. It would be nice to listen to all these old albums while I'm sitting here recording them. I am using an ION USB turntable on windows xp. XP has been fully updated to the latest version. I am able to listen and record with other software recording programs I have. Thanks for the help.