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    Editing Downloaded Video Sd Card

    Thank you for your reply. I still have the original Roxio Box and Disc and both say Roxio Creator 2010. I have not had any trouble editing what I have down loaded many times before this and I have used this 16 GB card before without any problems. I find using the San Disc method quite laborious having to drag down the individual frames and as I say when I got to around frame 35 the first time the screen just switched of and I lost about an hour and a half's work, so I tried again and this time just a notice came up error programme closing and lost all that work again. I am wondering as I have never deleted any of my previous productions if I have reached capacity and need to delete the earlier ones. I will try doing this. Gooders
  2. I have been using Roxio Creator 10 for some years now both with digital tape and now SD cards downloaded onto my computer. I am currently trying to edit an SD card I have down loaded, but after editing around 35 frames up pops error close programme and I loose all the work I have done. Is this the soft ware or my computer.? Gooders
  3. Gooders

    Advanved Editing

    I have never used the timeline only the storyline. I cannot understand after years of using this method I do not know how to get my video in box 2. If I start learning to use the timeline for editing, I will not know what went wrong with the storyline editing.
  4. Gooders

    Advanved Editing

    I have edited and burnt many catured Video tapes to DVD using Roxio Advanced editing, but my latest efforts cannot get past the first window of editing. I go into the advanced editing programme click on new prodution, find my video and bring it up in the main area, it then shows itself in box 1 - I edit the first section, but cannot get my video in box No 2 to edit the next section. Could someone please tell me what I have forgotten or what I am doing wrong. Many thanks RG
  5. Gooders

    Dvd Discs, Creator 2010 [finally]

    I have a Dell Inspiron 560 MT Windows 7 Device Name TSSTcorp DVD+RWTS-H653G with Roxio Burn Software
  6. Gooders

    Dvd Discs, Creator 2010 [finally]

    The small print above roxio CREATOR 2010 is (Digital Media Made Easy) The numbers inside the lid of the box are TSID# 724710430623 150353-00UN C2010/UN and TECH SUPPORT:http://surport.roxio.com. It was Ebay who supplied me and it all came without the seals broken. I paid £29:99
  7. Gooders

    Dvd Discs, Creator 2010 [finally]

    Sorry it is of course Roxio Creator 2010.
  8. Gooders

    Dvd Discs, Creator 2010 [finally]

    I purchases the Roxio Creator 10 last may through Ebay and registered the product with Roxio on the 20th May. Both the box and disc state Roxio Ceator 10
  9. Gooders

    Dvd Discs, Creator 2010 [finally]

    I definately have Roxio Creator 10 and not Easy Media. The other problems I have found are I managed to burn DVD in one program, but it will only play on my PC and not my DVD player. The DVD player states Not Compatable and this is after finalising the Disc.
  10. Gooders

    Dvd Discs, Creator 2010 [finally]

    Sorry it is Roxio Creator 10 I am using Roxio 10 with Windows 7. Capturing DV tape, editing and then trying to burn to DVD. As both Windows 7 and Roxio Creator 10 are both new to me I am having great difficulty in getting my head round it. I have been using Roxio 7 on Windows XP which I found very good.
  11. I have put different types of DVD discs in the burner when told to, but I am then told (no disc in burner).Does anyone know the answer to this.Using Creator 10