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  1. wade1953

    Best Output Settings For Vime0?

    Thanks, but your reply doesn't address the issue for myself or others working in VideoWave who may ALSO have the same issue now (or in the future) and would like to know how to utilize Creator to create Vimeo friendly files. Anyone else who has had experience in Roxio Creator using the Export tab VideoWave for Vimeo?
  2. Hi, All... I am using ROXIO CREATOR PRO 2012. I am working with a client who is going to post footage I shot for him to Vimeo. The footage was shot in AVCHD format. I have edited it in VideoWave and am now ready to export it using the "EXPORT" tab. The client wants to post the files to his Vimeo account. QUESTION: WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST SETTING FOR THIS PURPOSE? I assume the file type will be something in the AVC (H.264) catagory... but as we all know - there are an abundance of options available. Any suggestions as to which type would be optimum for posting to Vimeo? THANKS!
  3. I am using CREATOR PRO 2012. I have a VIDEOWAVE project I'm working on. My source videos were shot with a HMC-40 and a Cannon T3-i. So I have AVCHD and MOV files. Does Creator 2012 PRO provide a way converting MOV to AVCHD? Does it provide a way of (maybe) converting both file types to AVI? AVI is the native file type used in VideoWave.. VideoWave keeps crashing so I'm thinking I need to convert everything to a common file type. I'm using a Dell XPS with plenty of RAM and quad core i-7 processors. When I normally edit with AVI source files things fly along. Any ideas? By the way - I tried to post this earlier and I think maybe it didn't post. If it DID - sorry for the duplication... Thanks....
  4. wade1953

    Reverse Motion Possible In Videowave?

    Yes. I was looking to reverse motion a video of someone walking by so the effect would be that they were walking backward. I know how to speed up or slow down video via the trimmer in VideoWave. Sounds like reverse motion in VideoWave isn't possible... Thanks, anyway...
  5. Hi, there: I have Roxio Pro Creator 2012. I was wondering if it is possible to create a reverse slow motion effect using VideoWave? If so, could you provide a brief tutorial on how to accomplish this effect? Thanks so much... WADE
  6. Brendon: Just followed your instructions. Everything worked exactly the way you said it would until I got to: "Click the Green button at the bottom right, and setup your burn options. Burn to your DVD." The problem here is that the Green button at the bottom right is not highlighting for me so I can select it, setup burn options and burn to a DVD. Any ideas? Thanks so much! WADE
  7. This WAS posted to the wrong forum. Chalk that up to my unfamiliarity with forum posting... It can be moved if you like - or let me know how to do that and I will be happy to do so. Brendon - Thanks so much for going into detail and illustrating the steps for me. I mostly learn by visuals so this if very helpful. I have been following your directions and everything seems to be exactly the way you said.... except one of the titles I wanted to add is missing. I expect that is because I somehow goofed up and didn't add it properly when I was creating the folder set. I am going to go back and create the folder set again and see if it turns up in the new one. Incidentally, the reason I was having problems was I was trying to burn out of the CONVERT side of VCC and couldn't find the titles - the advice I'd quoted in the initial posting COMPLETELY left that information out - so no wonder I was having problems. You've really taken the time and effort to explain this, Brendon. and you have created a great & very informative tutorial for us learning our way around. I will recreate the folder set to insure all the titles I need are in there and report back! Thanks so much! WADE
  8. Sorry for the typo above in the question. It should have read: "When I have a MyDVD project with mutiple titles and I want to render it to a standard play DVD.... HOW DO I ADD THE FOLDER SET IN THE COPY AND CONVERT APPLICATION? I am using Creator 2012 Pro."
  9. HI: I recently have been working on a long project that has four segments and runs about 60 minutes. It will ultimately go my client as a standard play DVD. Anyway, because each segment is graphically intense with transitions, overlays, titles, etc. I was advise to pre-render each segment thru the VideoWave output tab as "DVD PLAYBACK - BEST QUALITY." I have done that and now have four mpeg 2 titles ready to put on a DVD. I created a custom picture background and music for the main disc interface in MyDVD and saved all to a folder set as advised by members of the forum here. I was told to: ..."Always output to an image file or folder set. If you have the free VLC player you can play the image file before you burn it to a disc. If everything looks OK, Use Video Copy and Convert to BURN the image to a disc." I opened Copy and Convert and navigated to the folder that I had saved to my desktop that says: "Folder Set." When I click that, Copy and Convert will not allow meto select the "OK" button which would allow me to add that title or titles. So, I then clicked open the folder and there are two sub-folders: "ROXIOPLASMA" and a "VIDEO_TS" . Again, it will not allow me to select either of these either - the "OK" button will not hi-light. My question regards this step- When I have a HOW DO I ADD A FOLDER SET IN THE COPY AND CONVERT APPLICATION IN Creator 2012? Thanks - WADE DELL XPS with quad core 17 processors.
  10. Okay. Makes sense. Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks, Jim.... You're right about unlikely to hit a limit of 1/3rd of a second. Meant to ask, several postings back in your illustrated tutorial - you showed selecting "DVD BEST QUALITY" under the Make Movie tab in VideoWave. The illustration was in answer to my question about best settings to pre-render when you've been working with AVI files. So, two questions: One: Why do you recommend selecting DVD BEST QUALITY as opposed to say, some AVI format for pre-rendering? Wouldn't rendering in AVI file keep the quality uniform? Or does one render in MPEG 2 for DVD BEST QUALITY while still working in VideoWave because it will eventually be rendered in an MPEG2 format when it's going to ultimately be for standard DVD playback? Final question: If you have combined different file types while editing in VideoWave - such as the original AVI files and another pre-rendered segment in MPEG2 DVD BEST QUALITY - will there be qualitative differences when you view those segments on the final DVD? Hope you are following this line of question and THANKS!
  12. That's the ticket. Selecting it by clicking it so it highlights first was the key! Who wouldathunk? Thanks so much!
  13. Hi, Jim; I have tried the above method and am running into a problem probably due to lack of experience with the split clip tool. I found an area of an AVI file where I wanted to START the slow mo effect. I clicked the SPLIT CLIP TOOL. I then scrubbed forward about 30 seconds to where I wanted the clip to stop the slow mo effect. The problem is when I click the SPLIT CLIP tool a second time a message appears saying: "the item cannot be split at this position, because one or both of the resulting items would be too small." Not sure what this is telling me here. As I say, I've selected a good 30 seconds of are to slow-mo so I'm not sure why the item would be too small? There is also ample footage prior to and after the clip I want to make an effect to - at least 60 seconds on each side of the clip area. Any ideas? Again, I've never used the split clip before so maybe I'm not doing this right. Appreciate your help... WADE
  14. wade1953

    Best Setting For Rendering For Videowave

    thanks... Okay if I contact you if more questions come up? Thank you....
  15. wade1953

    Best Setting For Rendering For Videowave

    Grandpa Bruce: Thanks for your information. I am approaching the point where I am going to have to add all the files and burn to a dvd. I will let you know what happens and post back results. I will probably have more questions. Thank you...