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  1. Can anyone confirm is this has been fixed in newer versions of Toast? Sometimes in Disk Utility, running MacOS Sierra 10.12.4, and Toast 11 installed, Disk Utility fails to not only open, but also causes the Mac to hang sometimes when a DVD (Video DVD, or other DVD) inserted into super drive.. beach ball Confirmed this on another Mac, i can image the disc ok in Disk Utility. Upon removing Toast and all related files, on the affected system, Disk Utility now works ok again... I'm currently running Toast 11, but do not wish to waste an upgrade, is this issue is not fixed. I can get round this by either removig Toast, or starting Mac in Safe Boot (Hold Shift on power on till u see Apple logo) I've tested this issue in a second Admin account, and its persists. So thought i'd mention it here.
  2. TECH198

    Iso9660 Joliet

    Can Toast 10x create ISO9960 Joliet images or only ISO9660 images only? Reason i ask is a have a whole bunch of Windows CD's i wish to use Toast on Mac to image, however ISO9660 format looses certain filenames due not not being backward compatible... Toast produces an error about these files going to be removed.
  3. TECH198

    Why Re-Encode

    What is the issue with Toast and always re-encoding ? I have .vob files or any files in Mpeg 2 Video: Mpeg-2, 720x480, 29.97 fps Audio :Dolby Digital Stereo 48000Hz If Toast understand Mpeg-2 then it knows this spec, but chooses to ignore it and re-codes it back into this same spec again ? Doesn't makes sense... But the only thing i could think why Toast ignores Custom "Never" settings. Apart from using other software, is there anyway I can get around this or not? If not, then Roxio has just lost a customer...
  4. TECH198

    Media Error

    Hi all.. After installing Yosemite, i am unable to burn cd's Not tried any other brand of media (yet) just used Verbatim, and i've gone through about 10 blanks.. All having issues. In Toast 11, i get a "medium error" however i was using the same Verbatin brand before installing Yosemite (clean install), and it was working ok.. Is Toast 11 compatible with Yosemite fully or not ? Apple assures me if external Superdrive can write them it should be compatabile with any blank media..... And every singe one it always starts burnng just fine, but spits it out at around 90%-ish.... I've reseted SMC, even tried burning via iTunes (after creatunig playlist), but same issue.. I'm about to get another brand... but any other suggestions before i do ? If the media was bad it would have been at the beginning of the media, not at the end,,, all of them. Strange this only happened after installing 10.10, but it could also be a coinsidence i guess too. Since iTunes 12.1 is kind of 'flaky' it just "masks".... no error, or anyting,but u know it's bad...... (not ready for prime time)
  5. TECH198

    Toast 11 And Yosemite 10.10 Support

    Toast 11.2 works fine on Yosemite 10.10.3, except i constantly get burn issues at around 90% ,... Gone throigh about 10 blank cds trying to burn audio and all with "medium error" iTunes same issue too btw.
  6. TECH198

    Converting .flac Files

    Hi all, When draging & dopping .flac files into Toas 11.x (Convert) , 99 files all up, I get a message that 13 of these couldn't be added because they in the wrong format, or not supported. All of them are .flac and they play correctly, so why can't Toast handle some of these ?
  7. TECH198

    Disc Recovery

    Hi al.. Does "Disc Recovery"work on copying video dvd's ? or only Data Disc's In the GUI it says "Data", but in the manual it says "Helps recovery files from discs" though it doesn't explicty state what type. However, the optopn appears under the Copy tab & other areas wthin Toast, so this kind of makes me think it would also apply to any discs. Can someone give more info on this ?
  8. TECH198

    Compare Doesn't Work

    Hi all,, I used compare ages ago, but mre recently it always returns "Error: opening origional (-39)" in green text. That is regardless of what file/folder it scans.. The progress does go though since you see the bar at the bottom, but at the end it says it can't open opigional.. Isn't the progess bar sposed to be indicating that it is actually comparing ? The drive(s) it's comparing to and from are both USB 3.0 and plugged in/operating ok..
  9. TECH198

    Toast 11.1 Broke Installer (1067)

    umm.. weird,,, I did a re-download Toast, and this time never saw my screenshot i posted.. *shrugs* after a re-install of OS X. I only every have one account anyway. All is fine now though.
  10. TECH198

    Toast 11.1 Broke Installer (1067)

    I'm trying to install Toast onto new Mac, and have downloaded sucessfully, but cannot install. I get the following, and the "continue" button remains greyed out.
  11. TECH198

    Converting Dvd/bluray To .mkv?

    or optionally, use VLC/Handbrake combo... The winning combonation.
  12. TECH198

    Hard-Coded Subs Only ?

    Just a general question, can Toast handle .mkv files with seperate Subtitle track ? (not .SRT, but in the .mkv file iteself), or must it be hard-coded ? (basicallly meaning the "subtitle" button on your remotre will have no effect ?)
  13. TECH198

    Dvd Video Output

    Hi all.. When making a Video Disc to play on a big screen (32") I add the .mp4 to the project, but after the DVD is burned, i play it on my DVR, only to find out the video is *not* full screen, its more like wide-screen, only its not in the centre... There's more black at the bottom, than there is the top. The .mp4 is perfactly wide-screen on VLC, or Apple TV, just not when viewed from disc. I've tried agisting Aspect Ratio settings under Toast by canging to "Custom" Encoding, and under "Aspect Rato" chose 16:9, but this doesn't help. Resolutyion of the .mp4 is 1280x720. Codec MPED-4 Video (XVID)
  14. TECH198

    Problem With Re-Wriable Media

    Not really a big issue, but does anyone know why Toast doesn not eject a completed DVD-RW media ? Toast Forces you to "eject" from the Recorder menu, (eg. the Media eject key on the Mac does not eject.) The icon disappears, but then constantly, reappears. This is on a disc thas has been finalized, and when played (if a DVD Video), or read (data), it works perfectly otherwise. This only pretains to writable media, not DVD-R/+R ... I am using the latest version of Toast, and this issue has been going on for as long as I can remember.
  15. TECH198

    Dvd Video Output

    11.1 (1067)
  16. TECH198

    Dvd Video Output

    yes. sorry, i think its in the wrong forum. I'm using Roxio Toast.
  17. TECH198

    Dvd Video Output

    yes.. didn't help... are you suggesting its an issue with displaying, as all other movies i burned, display in their correct ratio. On a hunch, i figue it has to be the .mp, so i;m currently trying using Toast to convert the mp4 to mov format, then re-try with the burning the mov to disc to see it anything would change.
  18. TECH198

    Playing Embeded Subtitles

    Hi all. When I have a avi with external SRT files, i use Handbrake to burn the external SRT file converting to mp4... when playing in VLC, the subtitles appear, not by default, but i can turn them on. I think this is why they are not showing up when burning the video to DVD, and i am unable to select any subtitles at all, probably because their not on by default.. Can toast change this? Do i have to make sure they are on by defult on the file to begin with. ?
  19. TECH198

    Playing Embeded Subtitles

    Actually, I've just solved my own problem.. Toast can't do this on its own, but with perian installed, Toast works just fine with subtitles.
  20. TECH198

    Making A Dvd

    Can Roxio join mulple avi/mp4 formats ? I'm wanting to create a DVD disc as a single disc.. However, the files are multiple .avi/.mp4's.. The result, i want to be able to play the disc on a set-top dvd player, without the noticable skips between the end of a scene, and the next. Is this possible to do? or must i join the files first via 3rd-party utilities? It would be good if Toast could do this.
  21. TECH198

    Video Dvd Menus

    Hi all.. When creating a video DVD and you have a menu, plus you opt to have a chapter scene menu, and you have "Play all items continuously" unchecked, after the episode has finished playing, it does Not go back to the Top menu. Instead, it goes back to the scene menu for the episode you just watched, so you have to manually use the arrow at the bottom of the menu to go back, to select say the next episode on disc. Is there an option in Toast 11 to get it to go back to the Top level menu, not the chapter scene of the same episode? Eg Top menu >> Chapter Menu, *watch episode* > top menu
  22. TECH198

    Mac & Pc (Data) Disc

    ok thanks.
  23. TECH198

    Mac & Pc (Data) Disc

    Hi all... When creating a Mac/PC Data disc, if the I choose to deliberately "uncheck" all Mac checkboxes, so just Windows ones are selected, upon burning, or saving as image, will this still create a a disc (or image) with Mac partition, just no files ? As it looks like the volume (UDF) is selected, but greyed out. So, this looks like it would still create the Mac portion, but 0 files ...
  24. TECH198

    Change Password & Email

    Yes, This worked, I had to set up Reminder password, first, but afterwards, got emailed at the new address.
  25. TECH198

    Change Password & Email

    Hi all.. I'm unable to update my email address in the forums under Settings.. It constantly comes back with an error "Your password is incorrect." I've double, and triple checked, and my password is (indeed) entered correctly. Does the email address have to be different ? Like a complete new email@domain ? as its just the username portion i'm trying to change. I still have the same Gmail account @gmail.com, but i've just changed the username. Could this be why ?