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    Archiving Hd Video On Blu-Ray Disc

    Here is my task. To backup over 400 hours of HD video currently on miniDV tapes. I have been interviewing WWII veterans in my area for the last 4 years, having found over 150 of these old soldiers, using a Sony HD camera to record their life stories. I have produced DVDs of the interviews for the veterans and their families, but want to back up my miniDV tapes without losing the beautiful high definition. And I don't want to use more miniDV tapes in order to do this. I bought a Lacie D2 Blu-ray which came with Toast 10. I use a 2006 duo core Intel iMac running Snow Leopard with everything up to date. I use Final Cut Express to draw in the video from a Sony miniDV deck and export the raw footage as a Quicktime movie without compressing anything. I have burned successfully burned 1 interview, 2 tapes, onto a 25G Blu-ray disc. I see it from my desktop. But when I go to pull it back into Final Cut Express for possible editing in the future, I get m2ts files which Final Cut Express doesn't recognize. (Could it be if I pulled the video from the Blu-ray disc back into my computer it would reconsitute itself into files Final Cut Express could understand?) I have been reading for days and am currently running an experiment to convert the .mov file to mp4. Is there anyone out there who can end my searching and experimenting by telling me the correct way to do this. Again, my aim is to backup my delicate miniDV tapes but also be able to pull video from the Blu-ray discs in the future to use in projects. My aim is not to watch Blu-ray discs on my TV set. Thanks in advance for any help you all might give me. Joe