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  1. Is there something Roxio can do? It seems that the cable companies are abusing the privelage (if they really have it) of being able to set protection, by setting it to everything or almost everything. This is not proper. I must have the right to make a backup of the shows I have recorded for my own personal viewing. Can Roxio just release a version that ignores checking that status bit? Selling a product to me that doesn't fulfill its function seems like a problem with the product and with the customer satisfaction. Roxio should not just blame the Cable companies since many seem to be doing it, and should ensure that customers can do what they need to be able to do to get the shows. I guess it is possible that the Tivo itself checks the bit somewhere and won't allow the product to be transferred but that seems to problematic as well. Any solutions?
  2. Is there any other solution to allow me to get my recorded material to the Mac from my Tivo? I have Time Warner Cable, and many of these universal red circles. It basically seems that they don't want me to be able to record anything and move it over. This is basically not cool. However, I don't have ATT-Uverse in this area, and I live in an apartment so I can't just start selecting and changing my cable provider at will. However, I do think I should have the right to watch what I record. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a Tivo HDXL and my Mac can see it fine. I see a list of the shows, and anything in HD is marked with the red circle and slash, and a bunch of non HD stuff is marked that way as well. Only a couple of shows that I record seem to come across without the red circle and slash. How do I get the shows to be transferable?