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  1. Hello, I have a problem using Roxio DLA Version 5.2.0: I tried to write about 750.000 small XML files to a DLA formatted Sony DVD+RW. The total size of my data is about 2.5 GB. At first I had my own application (written in SAL by Gupta Technologies) to write on the DVD. The copy process was aborted at about 490.000 files. I don't really know why. Not only that the process was aborted, it seemed that something was written to the DVD I like to call phantom files: files with no size and no content which I am unable to open. After that failed, I gave XCOPY a try. Unfortunally that didn't work out as well (due to insufficient RAM -.-). Finally I used Robocopy: After 249.778 files the process was aborted due to insuffictient disk space. (But the file size is only 877 MB) Well, I don't really have a clue, why I cannot fit 2.5 GB of XML data to a 4.3 GB DVD. I was wondering if is a limitation of total number of files, that can be stored on a DLA formatted DVD. Has anyone expirience this kind of problem? Thanks in advance Marius