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    Ugh I Am So Annoyed

    I've been using roxio for years. Today I was contiplating renewing and was trying to get an answer to when roxio photoshows will work on iphones and ipads....three hours later still being diverted and no answer ugh! I am so annoyed. Can any one help me?? It seems a little behind the times that it cant work on an ipad or iphone???
  2. I bought the upgrade so I could add my own music to a photoshow I'm making. However, when I go into my itunes music folder the songs I have on itunes are not showing up as an MP3 file so I can't add the songs. Any advice?
  3. T777LB

    Editing A Video

    Thanks. I just tried again and it said it couldn't do it...something about that it would result in it being too small? I just wanted a short 30 second clip from my video.
  4. T777LB

    Editing A Video

    Thanks for the reply. I was basically trying to take just a clip of a video but to keep the original audio. I had a long video of my baby but wanted to download just a portion on youtube. When I bought Roxio I was hoping it was going to be easy to figure out but I'm having a hard time with it. I had to download another program.
  5. T777LB

    Editing A Video

    Am I able to edit a video in Roxio...just cut the length of the video and keep the original audio? Everytime I try doing it, I can't keep the original audio in the video....it either has no audio or I have to add music. Please help! Thanks!