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  1. I have desktop versions of Photo Show 5 and the newer version also. I created a show using the desktop version. At home I have internet access but at camp I do not have access. Last week while at camp I tried to open Photo Show (both versions) to work on my project but was unable to open the program at all because it wanted me to sign in to the web site which I was not able to do. I could not get to my file at all, even if I clicked on the actually file it still wanted me to sign in. Is there any way around that? I really don't want to upload or do anything to the Roxio site, I want to only work from the desk top program. Thanks Char
  2. tentcamp

    PhotoShow V5 and Windows 7

    Sorry, I meant Windows 7. I will try to install Roxio PhotoShow version 5 on it. Yes, are a couple themes that I like. Thanks for your help. I will not frustrate you further.
  3. tentcamp

    PhotoShow V5 and Windows 7

    About the Corel it was a mistake, I am also learning a new Corel photo editing program. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. tentcamp

    PhotoShow V5 and Windows 7

    Don't be stingy. What about my other 3 questions about versions and when and where you got it? 4 words do not make for a good 2 way conversation. If you really want any help. be more wordy. If you just wanted to rant, then you have completed it. Have a nice day. Corel? How did that get into it? Where/when did you get your copy of PhotoShow? What version are you running? Did Corel have a version of PhotoShow? Are you using a version earlier than version 5 or a specialized version of the program modified by Corel? Over a year ago, Roxio bought out the company that developed PhotoShow. The earlier versions no longer work with the current on-line set up but that was not because of W7. [/i] I have used Roxio version 5 for the past 3 or 4 years and loved it. (I downloaded it from the internet and purchased the disk, I thought it said Roxio on it but maybe it didn't) When I got a new computer with Windows 7 on it I went to the Microsofe site to see if Photoshow 5 was compatable with it, it was not listed at all. So, I went to the Roxio PhotoShow site and asked the live support person and was told by them that it was not compatable. I then purchased a copy from the Roxio site (and Disk also)and installed it on my Windows 7 computer. I did not try to install the version 7 since I was told that it is not compatable. I have been struggling with the new version which to me seems to have less flexability than the other version. There are parts of it that I do like better. I really have no desire to post any of my shows on the internet. I mostly do memorial type of shows so a lot of the transitions and themes or whatever this version calls them don't seem appropriate to me. I make the show burn to a couple disks for the family and that is it. I use primarily the carousel type transitions and they used to have a choice of backgrounds that you could see as the pictures were cycling through.
  5. tentcamp

    PhotoShow V5 and Windows 7

    Sorry I meant Roxio.
  6. tentcamp

    PhotoShow V5 and Windows 7

    I guess styles would be a better word. I tealize you can change the background of the title and it would be nice if that background would carry over into all the show. I was told by Corel that it was not compatable with Windows 7. If it is I would be perfectly happy to continue to use it since it did everything I wanted it to.
  7. I am not happy with the new version either. I liked the flexability of 5. Now when you find the transition you want to use you are stuck with the background. I like to change things around, some backgrounds look more professional but the transition does not work for me. I like each one to look different not be stuck with the one that I find acceptable. I would be happy if they just made version 5 compatable with Windows 7.