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  1. I always create a Blu-Ray disc image before burning to minimize the number of expensive coasters I create. BUT... Toast allows me to create a disc image that is up to 720MB large than I can burn onto a Blu-Ray DVD. Why does Toast allow this? It took about 4 hours to create a disc image last night -- with 12 cores and 16GB RAM! -- on top of the hour per basketball game to create the HDs for Toast. When I create the disc image, Toast indicates I have 597MB of available space on the Blu-Ray disc. When I attempt to burn the image, Toast tells me I am short 120MB of space on the disc. What gives?
  2. LinuxElf

    Why Does Toast Allow Me To Create Disc Image Too Big?

    No worries about copying discs. This is only video of high school basketball games that I have shot myself. 23.31GB is indeed what is at the bottom of the Toast screen. (It's worth noting that the basketball_2012-02-02.toast file that I just successfully burned to a Blu-Ray disc shows in Finder as 24.97GB.) So, here are details: "Image File" in Toast: Lists 23.25GB available on 1 disc. "Blu-Ray Video" in Toast: Lists 23.55GB available on 1 disc. So, there alone is a different of 300MB. When I add my two HD high school basketball games to the "Blu-Ray Video" in Toast, it says I have used 22.55GB on disc, with 774.2MB remaining. I then save this as a disc image. When I open that disc image to burn it to a Blu-Ray disc, I only have 55.8MB remaining on disc. So, Toast "Video" has 300MB more space that Toast "Image", but then what accounts for the remaining 418.4MB difference? Now I know to make sure I have no more than 2 hours 11 minutes of video, but I am still curious as to why Toast has differences in its own formats listed, and then mysteriously an additional 400+ MB difference. Can anyone explain? Please let me know any additional details that would be helpful. As previously indicated, I have changed no settings from defaults. Thanks!
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    Why Does Toast Allow Me To Create Disc Image Too Big?

    I have made no changes, so obviously took some defaults. But what defaults, I do not know. Based on my current experimenting with re-ripping my HD game videos, I can get 2:11 of video on a Blu-Ray disc. So, I can manage by just keeping my two games to 2:11 or less. At the moment, I am re-encoding game film totaling 2:10:45 to see if it will fit. Once it has, I be happy to check to see what defaults I am using, if you can tell me what I need to look for. I pretty much use it out of the box.
  4. I installed Roxio MyDVD Video Lab a while ago. All I've done with it is copy DVD's that I create using a MacBook Pro and iMovie. Until today, this was great! Copying a video DVD took about 5 minutes to write a temp image off the master, then 5 minutes to create a copy. I was happy as a lark! Now, it's stopped working. I don't know why. The only possible changes are Microsoft patches, because my system is unchanged since I first installed this. I have 303GB free on my C: drive. MvDVD is, as near as I can tell, trying to write to that C: drive with all that free space. I put in a master DVD, I click "Copy Disc", and then after a few minutes I get this message: "There was an error writing the image to your hard drive. Please make sure you have 3.9GB free on your selected drive, then try the copy again." When I select "Show Advanced Info", I get this: Sense: 03 ASC: 11 ASCQ: 05 (Command 28) --------------------------------------- Px.dll: PxAFS.DLL: pxdrv.dll: 1.02.47a PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL: PxWave.dll: pxwma.dll: 1, 0, 0, 3 If I then click "Explain", I get an unrelated message about copy-protected DVDs, which does not apply here since I created the DVDs myself. I also tried "Copy Disk to Image", which allowed me to specify my C: drive as the destination for the ISO image. Unfortunately, Roxio MyDVD could not find 3.9GB of free space on my 750GB C: drive with 303GB of free space. Out of curiosity, I tried again "Copy Disk to Image", this time choosing my N: drive as the destination for the ISO image. Unfortunately, Roxio MyDVD could not find 3.9GB of free space on my 2TB N: drive with 1.68TB of free space. Help, anyone? System/Software Details: Roxio MyDVD Video Lab, Version 1.2.207 SP2.1; No updates available. Build 122B07B, MVL; 500B39A, MVL Windows Vista up to date with patches. Intel Quad-Core processor, 6GB RAM. Free internal drive space: C: 303GB; N: 1.68TB; L: 77GB. Free external drive space: J: 260GB; M: 133GB. Network storage space available: X: 479GB.
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    Picture In Picture?

    Hello, all! I am considering Toast 10 and an external Blu-Ray burner for my Macbook Pro. I am using iMovie to merge two concurrently filmed events with one as a picture-in-picture. I have also used Final Cut Pro, but iMovie is so much simpler. I am shooting 1080p 30 fps with two cameras: 1. Camera One is unmoving, focused on a game clock/scoreboard. 2. Camera Two is following volleyball/basketball action. In iMovie, I drop in the Camera Two footage. Then I drop the Camera One footage onto the Camera Two footage and choose "Picture in Picture" from the menu. I detach and delete the audio from Camera One footage. I size the clock/scoreboard, move it top right (volleyball) or bottom left (basketball), and it's great. But, since I am shooting 1080p, I'd like to be able to burn 1080p. Can Toast 10 do picture-in-picture as described? And, I hope, is it relatively easy? Looking at the OWC Mercury Pro 10X Blu-Ray Burner+SuperMultiDrive FW800/400/USB2/eSATA + w/Toast Titanium Pro at eshop.macsales.com... Thanks all. LinuxElf