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  1. This is to Brendon, Malatekid and Myguggi - Many thanks to you all for all your support. The problem came about through my INCORRECT assumption that going into 'Create DVD', that the first screen was already set for DVD build, not appreciating that one had to select File\New to ensure that DVD was selected. It did not help that the initial 'Mode screen' did not open to provide the same selections as File\New and that it was alrady preselected to 'AVCHD', as suspected by Myguggi. The initial file that I created was indeed an AVCHD, and no way was that going to work as a DVD. I selected File\New\DVD and carried out the process as recommended by Brendon, and I to achieved a satisfactory result. So many thanks to you guys, once again and I apologise for the incorrect initial assumptions on my part. Regards
  2. Hi, many thanks for that, and yes that was the dialogue window, after one has selected 'Burn'. The HD is the top resolution selection available at the bottom (RHS) of the prevoius screen for the user to select. Thanks for the tip on creating the DVD from the .iso extention, I will try that, but there is something seriously wrong for a user to take this action, as the BURN sequence should have covered the DVD generation. The 'iso' will get me out of trouble, but this problem does not encourage one to invest in yet another upgrade to 2010 or 2011 with theses problems outstanding, as they may still be in the later versions. Many thanks. John
  3. Hi Brendon, This problem has come about on my desktop, using Vista, so trying to get my head round what is on offer in the package, I loaded Creator 2009 into my Laptop so as I could sit down quietly and try and figure out what is going on. The laptop is running XP, and when I opened up Create DVD's - Advanced, a pop up panel came into view asking for a 'Project Type', offering DVD Project (already preselected and seamingly the default) through 8 selections in total, to 'AVCHD no menus (HD on standard DVDs)'. It has a tick box to give one the opportunity to - 'Dont show the dialog again(Current project type will be the default). I have never seen this pop up in Vista, however if it was loaded the default would have been 'DVD Project', so the modus operandi would have been set for the creation of a DVD, would it not? So I am still at a loss to understand how it turned it into a DATA file. To answer your question about Cineplayer - Yes, it played perfectly, sound, panning and zoom. The Explorer file structure is, I suppose that of a data disc - DVD RW Drive (E) Peru Slides), the first sub directory is BDMV, with two subsub directories of Backup and Sonic. The Backup's sub directory is CLIPINF, PLATLIST and STREAM. Many thanks again, for responding. John
  4. Hi Brendon, Many thanks for coming back so quickly. I think you have spotted the error as the line against 'Disc Type' reads - 'DVD-R,Open,Data (Peru Slides)'. Having said that, I am befuddled to know where the command was to burn to a DATA disc, as the only button I can see after one has ensured all is working well with 'Preview' is called 'BURN'. When one enters the next screen you are presented with - 'Burn to Disc', at no time was I given the opportunity of directing the file to a data or DVD format. Coming from MyDVD, I assumed, wrongly, that the burn is for a DVD. So where have I gone wrong in the setup? Regards John
  5. I have converted a number of 35mm slides to .tif files and loaded them into Create DVD's - Advanced, running in Vista. The files have set up perfectly into different folders and on the preview, sound, paning & zooming all work a treat. I selected HD and Burn, entered the disc title, and it burns, with two progress lines and when complete ejects the Disc. Re- inserting the disc, CinePlayer shows everything working perfectly, all selections work, back ground music is great and the pictures are brilliant. Problem - DVD players (3 of them, 2 different Panasonics and a Bush) do not recognise the disc, (i.e. UNSUPPORTED). This is the first time I have used this software after Creator 6, which worked perfectly everytime, but not the 2009 version. I use Sony 4.7GB DVD-R. The advice that has come back from Roxio is check for firmware update on my DVD drive, and warns that it is a risky process. My machine is a Medion, running Vista and using a LG DVD rewriter, the kit is not all that old, may be 2 years. Is it all really down to firmware on the LG drive??