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  1. What do I need to do. Loaded the program earlier and in Moviewave after editing the program would crash and disappear. So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled and now the Registry key error.
  2. Just downloaded the program and am getting the Critical registry how does one correct this?
  3. tkiphardt

    Runtime Error In Photosuite 13

    Same is happening with videowave 13 on the new 2011 version. Had same problem with the 2010 version but forgot what I did to correct it. 2011 is doing the same now but the 2010 is running fine. I downloaded the 2011 version so if I delete it, how do I get it. I did not safe the download.
  4. tkiphardt

    Runtime Error In Photosuite 13

    I am getting the same in the new 2011 Videowave. The 2010 is doing fine but had the same problem in the past. Forgot what I did to correct it and now the same is happening with the new version.