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  1. I have a Xacti CG20 outputting MPG4 1280x720 @ 29.97fps. I am trying to make a smooth video but the only format that gives a good result is 30fps WMV. The H.264 1280x720 options all seem to be 24 or 25 fps and when I select the customise option it does not have 1280x720 as a size option (it jumps from 800x450 to 1920x1080). Is there a way to add this resolution? It seems odd that there is a pre-defined option that is H.264 1280x720 @ 24fps, but I can't select this size with the frame rate I want. If I use any frame rate other than 30 (or 29.97) the motion is horrible and if I use the MPG2 encoder (which does allow what I want and gives a good result), the file size is at least double (100MB/min). Any ideas?
  2. I have MyDVD Premier 10.1 (bought in 2008 from the eStore and not the buld mentioned in the update below) and have recently bought a new Windows 7 PC. It installed OK and seemed to work in a basic sense (I tried importing some MP4 videos into a project and it did not complain), but I thought I'd better check for W7 updates before I did any serious work. The Roxio update page says: "Update MyDVD 10.1 Premier (Build : 111B34A, MYP) The following download updates MyDVD 10 Premiere to Windows 7 compatibility for versions that are not listed as Windows 7 compatible on the retail box or when purchased on the Roxio eStore." I bought mine from the eStore, so I assume this is what is needed. The update installed OK but now when I run it, there are no video editing options! I tried re-installing and no change - it has the Data and Audio options but under Video it just has CinePlayer (which does not work) and Video Guide. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
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    Mydvd Premier Update To Windows 7

    For info, I uninstalled the W7 update and reinstalled the original version and so far it works fine. I suppose the moral is "if ain't broke..." but I don't understand why Roxio provide a supposed compatibility update.