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  1. Hi Brendon, I am running the same OS as well. I think there is only two options left. Take it to the PC hospital or do a complete reinstall of windows and then add the programs one by one, but that will take forever. NIGHTMARE. Maybe one of the programs updated in the background and Roxio as taken a dislike to it. Anyway i'm not sure poking a stick at it is the right way to go ( joking) thanks for all your input. good to talk to you again. I think i'll take it to Adam first and let him poke a stick at it. LOL. Best regards, Mac
  2. Hi Brendon while i was waiting i reinstalled Roxio but still the same, so wouldn't that have corrected the problem if it was a Roxio issue. If by doing that we have ruled out an issue with Roxio, then is it as you said a conflict, but i can't think of any changes i have made. As i have said i haven't installed any new programs. So if it is a conflict issue where do we go from here. mac
  3. hi brendon done some exploring mp3 files are playing in sound editor. i checked to see what player was being used but there was no option so i presume it's windows media player ( that's the only one i have) i also added the same track to music disc creator the bar travelled across as though playing but still no sound. hope this helps, mac
  4. the playlist are mainly mp3 files which i created in music disc creator, which i then save in my music folder. when i want to play them i open music disc creator and play them..that's all i can tell you, i just assumed that Roxio had it's own media player. mac.
  5. The playlists are mostly mp3 i do have some WMA the program is Music Disc Creator. I have a 100mb connection which is working fine
  6. Brendon just a foot note when you reply can you send the link via email as before .when i logged on to the web page only part of your reply was available and there was no option to reply
  7. Hi again Brendon I'll take your questions one by one if I may. Firstly I don't know anything about sound editor because i have never used it. Basically what is happening is there is no sound when i try to play any of my playlists. As to there being a conflict with another program i find that hard to believe as there are no new programs installed. The only thing that as been installed apart from the daily security updates was a windows 10 preview update, apart from that nothing.. Why i said that Roxio might be corrupt is that you mentioned previously that Roxio uses a hook to utilise the windows audio system, and once again it's a problem with audio. Anyway you can breathe easy my friend i have not re-installed yet, i have only used the repair option. The other problem is i'm not that tech minded i know how to do the basics. I did consider re-installing but decided to run it past you first. as to there being three blank pages i have absolutely no idea, i just typed and sent. hope this one comes through ok. best regards, mac
  8. Hi Brendon, Here we go again!!!! I have lost audio in Roxio, it was working fine yesterday. I have restarted laptop and run the windows audio troubleshooter. I have checked it in windows player, and I also have a program called Virtual DJ and it's working fine in both, so I run the Roxio repair tool but still no audio. I am starting to think that my Roxio program has become corrupted considering the problem I also had with the audio burn. Any advice would be great my friend Regards, Mac.
  9. Hi Brendon I was impressed at what your government did right from the start if only our government had done the same we wouldn't have such a massive death toll. they tried to find a middle path between the economy and lockdown. there isn't any middle path lockdown is the only answer until everyone is vaccinated which thank god over 19 and a half have been vaccinated. anyway my friend thanks again for your input. stay safe. best regards, mac
  10. Hi Brendon I thought i'd just check roxio again and to my surprise it's working i have burnt 3 audio discs in a row. please don't ask how this as happened because i have no idea. i just hope it's not an intermittent fault so what do think do we need to check regedit to make sure? regards mac
  11. Hi Brendon, copy disc and data disc are both working. i couldn't check dvd because i don't have any material, but earlier on today in device manager i deleted the dvd driver and restarted the laptop and it actually worked for one disc then failed when i tried a second. i am getting all the info as per picture, and i'm afraid you will have to walk me through regedit if it comes to that.by the way how is it down under. i remember now you helped me a few years ago. regards, mac
  12. Hi Brendon my apologies if i replied to wrong place. As to your Questions. The software as always been mine and i have always been able to burn cd's. my OS is windows 202h which is the latest version. I only found out on Tuesday that I couldn't burn cd's and the only change to my laptop is having a solid state hard drive fitted. The burner is a Slimetype DVD A DA8A6DH. Regards, Mac
  13. Hello there can anyone please advise. Hello there can anyone please advise. I can no longer burn a cd. It's as if Roxio has stopped communicating with the dvd rom. After the blank disc has spun up the ok button is still blanked out. I have used the repair option but still the same. Any advce would be much appreciated y
  14. mac121

    re roxio audio

    Hi Brendon The thing is it's not just an audio editor it's a media as well. Perhaps someone should suggest that to Roxio. With WMP you can actually have the equalizer showing for each audio track and can alter audio bands as required, because Roxio doesn't have this feature, when I create a playlist I have to save it to my playlist folder and playback through WPM which is a pain because you can only play one file at a time. With Roxio's two options to play files you can swap between the two. Anyway all that said I'll just have to carry on with WMP. thanks once again for your help. Best regards Mac
  15. mac121

    re roxio audio

    Hi Brandon Thank you once again for email. Looking at what you've shown me It only alters the music wave bands for that particular track . How to explain this in another way if I'm using say Windows Media Player. I go into enhancements and open the graphic equalizer then whatever changes I make apply to all the music files I'm playing Now and in the future. The thing is I don't want to stop using Roxio because it is infinitely easier to create playlists and cd's'. I just wish Roxio had provided a graphic equalizer that works for all tracks at once not just a single track at a time. Oh well my friend I think we've found that isn't the case. I just want to thank you for all your help and input. By the way I've always wanted to visit New Zealand I hear it's a beautiful country. Who knows I've seen a lot of the world it's just the flight putting me off. Best Wishes. Mac