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    Vcr Tapes To Dvd

    That worked! Thank you. I bought this at Costco and no instructions what so ever for that. When I was trying to figure it out before I Went to videos/movies. capture video. Played teh tape. It then downloaded to pmy pc and not burned to a DVD (like the way you showed me) There was no finish button. There is a window that says recently imported. How do I burn that?
  2. dforrester

    Vcr Tapes To Dvd

    Creator 2010 I am using the Roxio USB device. Went to capture video. Played VCR. Hit capture now. It for some reason downloaded to my computer. I was expecting a finish button. Can't figure out how to get it onto DVD. Shouldn't I be able to play the VCR and burn directly onto a DVD.
  3. dforrester

    Vcr Tapes To Dvd

    For some reason I can't figure out how to copy vcr tapes to dvd. The intsructions are for camcorder
  4. dforrester

    Vcr Tapes To Dvd

    I've called Tech support. I know this is simple but can't figure it out. No instructions. No tutorial. How do I transfer vcr tapes to dvd?