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    Complete Uninstall Of Back Ontrack

    I figured I would post an update.......DON'T. I went to Add/Remove programs and deleted from there. The dialog brought up a Roxio panel to remove the product. I clicked Yes and the uninstall took off for a couple of minutes. The machine performed a restart (unsolicited) and tried to come back up. Missing the boot record! End of ballgame...... Complete reinstall of everything. The important stuff was up to date but some of my backups (manual) were old. Lot of work to rebuild. BTW....I had told Roxio to delete any saved stated older than 1 day which it said it did. It would not release 46GB of DASD space so I was running out of space. Of course, upon reinstall of the system without BOT the dasd space came back. I am not sure of how to fix the dasd space if you do not uninstall. BOT said it had returned all unused space....It lied! If you are going to try to remove BOT make sure all of your backups (manual file xfer to DVD of some external source) is completely up to date. I will not be using this product again.
  2. I have decided not to use this application anymore. I cannot find an "Uninstall" program in its list. As this is involved in startup I am quite cautious in removing it via add/remove programs. Is there a documented way to remove this product cleanly? .....HELP!
  3. RHH

    Project Names

    I appreciate your taking the time to respond to my quewstion. I did try to rename the file keeping the .RBC filetype. Bring up BOT again and he cannot find the file. He must have an index or lookup table to find his projects.
  4. RHH

    Volume Label

    I am a new user to BOT Suite. Can I force a Volume label on my DVD with a meaningful name? (Looks like it labels everything Volume 1)
  5. RHH

    Project Names

    I am a new user to BOT Suite and created a project to back up specific files. I find the name BOT gives to this project to be cryptic. Can I file or rename saved projects to something meaningful to me?