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    Enable Streaming - Mpeg-4 Export

    Thanks for that.
  2. bigchris

    Enable Streaming - Mpeg-4 Export

    Observation and enabling it and disabling it doesn't seem to make a difference in the quality so I think it doesn't matter. I also tried multi-pass on a couple of movies and didn't see any improvement in quality, although I saw a massive jump in encoding time. One 40 min exercise movie too over 7 hours to encode!
  3. bigchris

    Enable Streaming - Mpeg-4 Export

    I'm setting up exports of my movies to mp4 so I can play them off my NAS to my Google TV. So far so good. However in the settings for MPEG4 export I have the option to "Enable streaming" under the streaming tab, as well as "optimized for streaming" under the Video tab. How do these two settings correlate to each other and what's the purpose? I figure I need streaming since the Google TV is going to be playing these off a NAS on my local network, but I'm just guessing.
  4. We have a Sony HD video camera and it create .m2ts files (familiar to most people with such a camera i'm sure), but I would rather have these videos in a format more readily viewable across various devices. I can certainly view the videos using VLC on my Mac machines, but converting them to a .mov or other more readily viewable format would be great. I know there's conversion tools on the net, but since I purchased TOAST i'm wondering if it'll convert them for me? I haven't yet found a way to do it.
  5. bigchris

    Toast Keeps Crashing On Conversion

    Trying to convert a PAL DVD to NTSC prior to burning to a disk. I'm using Apple Intermediate codec. I'm using the same settings as in the attachment (image below) which correctly converted the files for that specific movie. The disk i'm converting seems to make some pretty huge files. It's a movie with a bunch of extras and the movie at 98% complete had created a 40gb .mov file. I'm tried this numerous times and it keeps crashing right at the end. I've attached the dump toast_dump.txt to this post. Any insight is gratefully received.
  6. bigchris

    Sharpen Filter Settings

    It's under the conversion menu system after choosing quicktime movie you can choose 'filter' and it's one of the options in there. I also noticed (and wondered why) the same thing as the original poster.
  7. bigchris

    Pre-Release Version Will Expire Soon? I Bought It!

    Thanks folks. Looks like we have two threads on the same subject. I'm betting this is an oversight by Roxio who left some licensing language in the release that accidentally kicked off on a specific date. They'll probably have to release a 10.0.8 to fix it.
  8. bigchris

    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    Yep, same here. Just posted my own thread before seeing this one. Like you I bought it also and in fact you can't download the s/w without buying it, so this is crazy.
  9. I bought Toast a few weeks ago and having used it for a while, it suddenly tells me when I start it "This Pre-release version will expire soon. Please contact Roxio for a release version or a new beta". What's weird (annoying) is I bought this from the website. I have a serial number which I applied when I started it for the first time (in fact I couldn't download it until I'd bought it!). So what's this crap all about? The version is 10.0.7 which doesn't sound like a beta to me. If I look at my roxio page I have two registered products, Creator Suite 9 and Roxio Toast 10. So what's up with this?!!