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  1. I am not able to burn a video that I have to compress. Everytime I try to burn a Video_TS folder, and I click the "options" button to only select certain parts this happens. It happens every time - I've tried many different Video_TS folders this way and get the error every time. Up until now, I've just switched to another program for burning things that I wanted to compress as well, but now I'm tired of now being able to use Toast for what it is made for. I used to be able to burn and compress with older versions of Toast. Any idea what the problem is? Any help would be appreciated! Using Toast 10.0.8 on an iMac 27" core i7 with 12GB of RAM.
  2. umkcdds

    Toast 10.0.7 Fails!

    superdrives in G4 powerbooks cannot burn to double layer dvd's....unless you swapped out the drive for one that will....like i did!
  3. umkcdds

    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    add me to the list too. started getting this error today. i deleted the preferences. didn't fix the problem. deleted toast, along with the preferences, re-installed. didn't fix the problem.