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    Printing Problems

    I've had my problems printing a CD back cover.
  2. Eyeball

    Printing Problems

    I did receive the message(s) today. Despite numerous attempts to troubleshoot the problem with Roxio, I have been unable to solve this problem of "overprinting" the CD jewel case covers. I purchased "CD/DVD Label Maker" from Acoustica and I have relied on this program for my printing needs instead of Roxio Label Creator. The Acoustica does have an option to set printing dimensions precisely, which the Roxio program apparently lacks.
  3. Eyeball

    Printing Problems

    When I've tried printing a front or back jewel case CD cover with Label Creator, the cover prints too large to fit in the jewel case. I'm using an HP Pavilion Elite computer with a Windows 7 64-bit Professional OS and an HP Photosmart C5180 printer. The printer worked perfectly with my old Windows ME computer running Adaptec Version 4x. I installed the latest driver and the printer works fine with the new computer for general printing and with Easy CD/DVD Cover Creator. With the Roxio application, I've tried adjusting paper size under properties in the print window and also selected different settings under paper type. I've also made adjustments under preferences for overscan and fine tuning. So far, none of these efforts have allowed me to print a cover that will fit. What adjustment will allow for changes in the vertical and the horizontal dimensions of the printing "box?" I thought the overscan setting might do it, but it only shifts the image on the page.