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  1. Arthur Vandelay

    No Artist titles when extracting sd2f to wav

    The only way that I know to do this quickly is using XLD [https://sourceforge.net/projects/xld/]. Drag the .sd2f file to the XLD app, then using the Transcode function to convert it to separate WAV files. Hope this works for you!
  2. Arthur Vandelay

    Mount .sd2f to desktop

    Unfortunately, there are so many other issues with v.16 and v.17 that I’ve had to move on to other ways to archive and burn discs, since Corel/Roxio seems to have lost touch with what is important to its users. I was able to resolve the issue, but not without some serious effort and time dedication. I completely erased my root drive (SSD) and re-installed OSX 10.9 (yes, Mavericks). Then updated to Yosemite, El Capitan, then Sierra, checking to see if SD2F files would mount at each install (which they did). I am now on Mojave (10.14.4) and the function to mount SD2F files works consistently. No idea what is or where the issue lies, but there is a MacOS systemic issue that causes this with Toast. Even though I had everything backed up, it was a long and difficult road to get my system back to where I wanted it. Proceed with caution, but in the end, this seems to work. Good luck!
  3. Arthur Vandelay

    Toast 17 Titanium and Gracenote/CDDB

    I will need to try Jaikoz to see if that works for what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you for the suggestion!
  4. Arthur Vandelay

    Toast 17 Titanium and Gracenote/CDDB

    Unfortunately, using the Toast Media Browser did not remedy the problem. Although I think I may have isolated the problem. When I come across a disc that is not found in Gracenote/CDDB (iTunes shows no identifying data), I submit the metadata through iTunes by selecting “Submit CD Track Names…” from the menu. I need to wait a few days for the data to be processed by Gracenote: (http://support.gracenote.com/articles/Public_FAQ/Submit-CD-iTunes-12/?l=en_US&c=Public%3AConsumers&cu=1&fs=ContactUs&pn=1) I re-insert (or mount) the disc, then attempt the process again through the Toast Media Browser, Toast It, or dragging the disc to Toast Titanium. Often times, the data is NOT found, and the multi-day process begins again until the data is populated in Gracenote. Curiously, if the data is not in the Gracenote/CDDB database, Toast Titanium freezes during the retrieval process and is not accessible until I perform a system reboot. This is too time consuming to be practical. Time to find an alternative. Thank you very much for your suggestions, they helped greatly in investigating further.
  5. Arthur Vandelay

    Toast 17 Titanium and Gracenote/CDDB

    Thank you for your assistance. I now see that iTunes retrieves the details and I have even submitted the data to Gracenote / CDDB for discs not found. However here are three scenarios, the last being what I am trying to achieve. The disc I have locates the meta data from within iTunes and I drag the desktop mounted disc to the Toast app, and the Toast app does not respond. I must force quit the application and restart the computer in order to launch Toast 17 again. The disc I have locates the meta data from within iTunes and I drag the desktop mounted disc to the Toast app, and the tracks begin to populate the Toast window as .aiff files, however the pre-gaps are non-existent, and the title remains “Audio CD.” The disc locates the meta data from within iTunes and I drag the mounted disc to the Toast app, and the tracks begin to populate the Toast window and the pre-gaps are properly displayed, and the disc title is properly displayed. Are the first two scenarios because Toast no longer supports Gracenote/CDDB? If so, I am wondering why the the third scenario works in some cases. Is there a way to have Toast look to another service to more consistently retrieve the metadata for my disc? Or is there a better way to accomplish the third scenario consistently?
  6. Arthur Vandelay

    Toast 17 Titanium and Gracenote/CDDB

    Just purchased v.17.4 for use with Mojave 10.14, and have been informed by technical support that Gracenote is no longer supported in Toast 17 Titanium. Any suggestions for a workaround to another service?
  7. Arthur Vandelay

    Mount .sd2f to desktop

    I catalog my music using an application named Music Collector and it scans an inserted (or desktop mounted) disc to enter the pertinent information into a database. I have a number of older .sd2f files that I need to catalog. I can also enter it by title, but it is so much more efficient if it can be mounted. So it's more that I am trying to cut some corners! Since you have been able to mount an image to the desktop in 10.12.6, then I may attempt to clean install Sierra to see where the problem lies. I have used XLD but not Picard, so I will try that as well. Thank you very much for the information!
  8. Arthur Vandelay

    Mount .sd2f to desktop

    This does help greatly. Because I am also running 10.12.6 and I get the error message when doing the same thing (Mount Disc Image). I believe this narrows it down to something local on my system rather than the Toast 16 application. I've tried a new install going back to version 11 as well and got the same message. I tried the install on a separate Mac which has never had Toast installed and got the same error message so I started to wonder . . . also cannot understand why the default file type when saving a disc image is .sd2f. Cannot figure this thing out! Any suggestions on how I can assemble flac files from services like PledgeMusic, have it verified by CDDB (or similar service) and saved as an image that can be mounted to the desktop as a playable CD?
  9. Arthur Vandelay

    Mount .sd2f to desktop

    Does anyone else have a problem with MOUNTING a disk image (.sd2f file) to the desktop? It is a selection in the UTILITIES menu but Toast 16 is unable to mount an image. I brought this up as an inquiry to technical support and they informed me that Toast no longer supports the .sd2f file format. I cannot understand this because the default output when saving a disk image in Toast 16 is .sd2f. If this is indeed the case, shouldn't the application save CD audio discs to an alternate image file?
  10. Arthur Vandelay

    Toast 16 gets Result Code=-1743388673

    I receive the same error code for a completely different task. Upon attempting to mount [shift-command-M] an .sd2f file generated by Toast, I receive the error message: "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS error. Result code = -1743388673." I contacted support and they have informed me that Toast no longer supports the sd2f file format. Even though Toast 16's output is to an sd2f file. Strange . . .