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    Football Highlight Dvd

    Sknis thanks again for the reply. I managed to create a overlay its a square instead of a circle I will work on trying to form a circle later, but for now the square will have to do again thanks.
  2. Footballfan

    Football Highlight Dvd

    Sknis thhanks for the reply. Yes I have thought about the pan and zoom effect but I wasn't happy with how it looks blurry once it zoom in. I also tried to make a custom overlay but I'm doing something wrong because I can't get my final product to end up as just a circle overlay, it covers the entire frame when I add it on. I will go back and play with it some more but so far its not working.
  3. Footballfan

    Football Highlight Dvd

    I am using Roxio 2010 to put together a highlight DVD of my son football games. I have my production pretty much together with transitions and all. I need help try to spotlight or highlight my son in each with a circle or arrow point him out, is this possible with Roxio 2010 if so can anyone tell me how?