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    Backontrack 4?

    I also sent Roxio an e-mail and got the following response from them... After reviewing your notes, I understand that you purchased 2 computers from HP and opted to have BackOnTrack 3 but you looked at Creator 2011 and you saw that it provides a BackOnTrack 4. Did you purchased the stand alone BackOnTrack 3 application? Because if you are looking for the BackOnTrack 4 stand alone application, that is not yet available in Roxio. You can only have it if you purchase the Creator 2011. About the scheduling of backup, BackOnTrack is designed to work automatically in the background, hence you cannot schedule a time for it to perform a backup. Check the article below: Can I schedule my backup? Knowledgebase Article : 000051BO http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000051BO&PARAMS=set-locale=en I guess that answers all questions. Seems goofy that they don't have a stand alone BOT4 available. In any case, it does appear to be running in the background via Task Scheduler. Thanks to all!
  2. Heavy Metal

    Backontrack 4?

    Cool - thanks! Larry suggested looking to see if it's scheduled in Windows Task Scheduler. I hope to be able to check that out later as well.
  3. Heavy Metal

    Backontrack 4?

    Thanks Larry. The BOT3 version that came with HP has a schedule of DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY but I don't see any place to actually specify a time to run. Just to confirm (before yelling at HP) you're saying the full blown BOT3 from Roxio has true scheduling options? In other words, say I want it to run a differential backup every Saturday at 12:53 PM I could do that?
  4. Heavy Metal

    Backontrack 4?

    Thank you! Would you happen to know in BOT4 if you can actually schedule a backup to run as opposed to having to manually run it? I was shocked that this couldn't be done. Very generic of Roxio to leave out a feature ESSENTIAL to running backups!
  5. Heavy Metal

    Backontrack 4?

    I recently purchased 2 computers from HP with BackOnTrack 3 installed thinking it was the latest version. When looking at Roxio's site, it looks like that is correct. However, if you look at the Creator 11 suite it looks like there is a BackOnTrack 4! Is that a typo or what?