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  1. What I have to do? ​Video Wave indicates that the video card is not working or is old? I updated my machine hundreds of times through various online programs by paying for them. In the past, before the Windows 10 upgrade Video Wave work well.
  2. I have Roxio Creator 2010 Pro, which played well window 7, (Acer Aspirin SSD hard drive) respectively. I changed the seven to Windows 10's, so the video wave stopped working. I bought a new NXT 4 of the same thing. Video wave does not work. I have bought many programs that promises to fix all the drivers. The same result. No one understands what a failure. All the others by video programs to work even Corel videostudio pro X9 But the money was good
  3. My Roxie video wave do not works at all. I Had older version creator 2010 pro. It have workin OK, but i changed my window from 7 to 10 After that movement videowave stop to working (other video prokram workin ok as microsoft movie maker). So I oderid newer versio nxt 4 versio. Still same problem.
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    A little bit of History! I acquired two years ago Roxio 2009. It did not work with my my old computer. It informed me that the video card is too small. I bought a new computer (Acer). With this new machine it worked very well. Then I bought Roxio 2010. At the same time I removed Roxio 2009 from the computer. Roxio has never worked properly. The root menu does not work correctly. In my computer it works, but when I want the desired program to be burt on DVD the root menu does not work in my DVD player. I downloaded the 2009 back into the computer to be able to work again. I did this a few times the idea being that the download was not successful. Now, three weeks ago, I bought Roxio 2010 pro. With the same result. Root menu will not work properly. I decided to download the Roxio back (2009) and now the film maker does not work at all. I wonder what’s wrong with these???