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  1. Specifically, in what way is it below? It appears to me that my system far exceeds what is listed on the system requirements page. In any case, I'm not having a problem in the sense of having a video poorly rendered or choppy playback or distorted sound. Rather, a whole section of the GUI is simply missing! Even if I were on a five-old machine, I may not get much functionality, but the GUI should not be affected in any way!) (Any if I'm below the minimum standard, how is it that all my clips play perfectly well in Video Trimmer?)
  2. The entire line that your arrow is pointing to is exactly what I don't see! Although there may be a problem with my video card, strange that each clip plays exactly as expected in the Video Trimmer. For what it's worth though, my system specs are: PC: Dell Latitude D600 CPU: Intel Pentium M at 1.4 GHz, with 512 MB of RAM. OS: XP Professional SP2 Video Card: ATI Mobility Radion 9000 AGP Video Card DVD Burner: Sony DVD +- RW DW-Q58A.
  3. Just started using Easy Media Creator 8 Deluxe Suite with Video Wave (806B07I ENU). I've added some clips but there are no controls to play them! The "Getting to Know the VideoWave Window" topic in Help shows the full range of expected controls just under the Preview window but I don't have them! There is just a small blank space between the Preview window and the Production editor. The only way I can play a clip is by using the Video Trimmer feature, but of course, that doesn't help me see transitions from one clip to the next! Where is my Play button! Thanks.