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  1. I had Creator 2011 and this problem started. So I thought I would upgrade to Creator 2012 to fix it and get some new features. Well it didn't fix the problem. I am still unable to "Save Project As" because nothing happens. It acts like a dead button. I first uninstalled and reinstalled Creator 2011 hoping that would fix it but it didn't. So I thought going to Creator 2012 would take care of it. Any ideas what could be the problem? Appreciate your help on this matter. Dick
  2. I have been having trouble Creating DVD from VHS tapes. I thought at first, it was my VHS player problem but I hooked it up to the TV and it all played fine. When I hooked it back up to my laptop, I tried reinstalling the "Convert from VHS to DVD" software. I think doing that was a mistake since it was a pre Windows 7 Home Edition version. I first received a msg "The update is not applicable to your computer". So I tried again and it finally quit and tried rolling back the changes. Now when I start Roxio Creator 2011 I don't see the option for the Roxio Video Capture USB anymore. So, I uninstalled Creator 2011 and tried reinstalling it. But I get this error: "This operating system does not meet the minimum requirements for Roxio Creator 2011. This product will not be installed. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32\64-bit)" But that is exactly what I have on this laptop. In fact, this product was installed once before in September 2010. What do you think is the problem?
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    2011 Doesn't Show Pics In Emails

    Hi Jim, Well that worked for the first picture to attach but the second one will give me the following message: "A dialog box is open. Close it and try again." I only see the email open with the first picture attached. If I close that, then it doesn't get included with the second one I want to send. Anyway, I like the picture to be sent not as an attachment but as part of the email...in the body. Thanks for your input. Dick EDITED: My bad. I didn't realize I need to select all of the pictures that I want to attach to the email. Once I did that, I could attach all of the pictures at once. Thanks again Jim for your help. Just to let you know that in 2007, I came down with Bacterial Spinal Meningitis and was in a coma for 11 days. The docs were amazed that I survived and was able to walk and talk and hear. That might explain my little quirks at times. Again, thanks for your help!
  4. gpadick

    2011 Doesn't Show Pics In Emails

    Try reading the message again. I tweaked it to make more sense. Dick
  5. gpadick

    2011 Doesn't Show Pics In Emails

    Well I tweaked the message in my English language. Hope it makes more sense now. Thanks for your input. Dick
  6. Several times I have selected some photos to be added to Outlook 2007 email and nothing is added to the email. I switch to 2010 and do the very same thing and voiala! pictures start showing in the email. Is anyone else having this issue? I have Win 7 64 bit. Thanks for your input. Dick OK Let me try saying it this way. I am trying to put photos in my Outlook 2007 program to send to friends. I need to use Roxio Creator so the photos can be resized. So this is what I did: In Roxio Creator 2011, I select the "Photo" button on the left side of the app. I then select the "Email" icon so I can send photos in my Outlook 2007 email program. I then select the photos and size to use. The problem I have is there are no photos getting placed in the email. However, everything works fine when I do the same thing using Roxio Creator 2010. The selected photos get sent to the Outlook 2007 program without any problems. I have Win 7 64 bit. Thanks for your input. Dick