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    Toast 17 can't read v15 disk files & vice versa

    I suppose so... It's certainly a possibility, though having gone from v5 to 7, to 10, to 15 I'd never experienced it before - but then again I wasn't archiving the old project files either. I just found them useful when I needed to go back and see just what was on a particular archive disk when other search methods were fruitless. I would imagine Roxio could include a utility to update project files if they wanted to - One probably even exists...I won't hold my breath however. Thanks for the reply
  2. Has something been changed with Toast 17 which would make it unable to recognize a disk file from Toast v15.2? I've done clean installs of both 17.4 as well as 15.2 and it seems the ".disc" files they create are incompatible with each other. Toast 17.4 shows a blank disk when opened with a disc file from Toast 15.2. A file created on Toast 17.4 shows up as blank when opened on v15.2 This might not normally be a problem, but I keep copies of disc files as I sometimes need to make extra copies of a disk at a later date. Is this incompatibility a known BUG or something that seems to be particular to my setup (iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6)
  3. calfoto

    Toast 17.1 Download.

    Well I've tried Stargator's suggestion, but all I seem to be able to download is v17.2 NOT v17.3 v17.2 so far is completely unusable on my iMac with OSX 10.13.6.... Problem is it seemed to work for a few days (with random crashes) but now it will not remember the contents of the "disc" files it creates, not will it remember the contents of legacy disk files... There's nothing wrong with the legacy disc files, Toast 15 has no problem with them but v17.2 just shows an unnamed disk with no content from the same file. It's really quite frustrating, re-installing the software doesn't help, the problem persists - Every upgrade I've purchased over the last several years sems to be worse than what it replaces.
  4. calfoto

    Feature Request For Disk Spanning

    Apparently not - sigh
  5. calfoto

    Feature Request For Disk Spanning

    Feature Request Suggestion… I’ve been searching around the forums and there seem to be a few folks who have asked for and/or inquired about some features and capabilities we’d like to see in Toast. Having the ability to span large batches of files over multiple disks is certainly a great feature, but by default Toast automatically installs the Roxio Restore software. Now for some that’s probably quite useful, but for my (and others) needs it’s functionality we don’t need or want. Is there any possibility that we might have an option in preferences to turn off the installation of the Restore software? Please… Another suggestion that’s been requested is the option to specify a single disk or range of disks in a set when actually creating/burning the spanned disk set. As has been noted, when one disk has a burn error you need to restart the whole process from disk #1. Not that I have that problem, but sometimes I cannot tie up my machine for an extended period of time when I’m doing a 5, 10, or more batch of disks. It would be wonderfully convenient if I could do a few in one sitting and come back to that set later and continue from a specific point, and not have to go back to square one – It works that way with a printer driver so why not with a CD/DVD burner? So are these unreasonable and or impossible requests? Does the toast product development team ever read and respond to these sorts of inqueries? Thanks in advance