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    How to add album cover/artwork to a CD I'm burning?

    That does help. The car is a Subaru Legacy 2016. It probably is accessing some database to get a small image file and display that. I was hoping (as you can embed an image even in a .wav file) that this would carry forward and display off of the CD, but I guess that data (the picture) is probably lost in the process of writing the data to the CD. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I'm not talking about a disc label. I'm talking about a small image file that would display along with track info when I play the disc in the car. I use the Music Disc Creator in Roxio Creator NXT2 (build 1500B05C) on a Win 7 PC. I burn from .wav files. When I make a disc, there is a Project Settings and I can put a Disc Name and Artist Name. These along with the track name show on the display in my car. But I can't figure out how to add an image that will also display. When I play commercial CD's in the car, it displays artwork along with the track info, artist name, album name, etc. Is there an option to do this with Music Disc Creator? I seem to have a few different CD burning options as part of the NXT 2 Suite. If I open up Roxio Creator, I get a menu where i pick the type of disc I'm making. I can select Audio CD and the interface looks different what what I get with Music Disc Creator, but I still don't see how to add an image to the dics.
  3. I've got Creator NXT 2 (build 150B05C). How do I change the maximum time for a project to 90 minutes so that I can use the 90 minute CD-r's I have? I could do this with older viersion of Roxio, but can't find a way to do this with the version I have now. Seems I can't set the disc size to greater than 80 minutes.
  4. Thanks for your continued help, Brendon. I'm not sure how to determine the firmware revision for the drives. If I go to properties for the two drives, each shows a driver version of 5.1.2535, but I don't think that is what you are looking for. I had a local shop put in a wireless card, 2nd hard drive and a new graphics card a few months ago. They also did a fresh install of Win XP. I didn't do any cd burning for a few months and never re-installed Roxio until a few weeks ago. I don't use IE much (use Firefox), but I just checked IE and it's version 8.0.6001.18702. Windows Media Player is 11.0.5721.5268. I haven't done any updates to Roxio 6.0, just installed off of the CD. I did try to run the update feature, but whatever updates it may have downloaded in the past it didn't connect to now. Is there an update file for 6.0 still available somewhere? How can I get the file to update to 6.2? UPDATE: just found the engine update file ( and Creator Classic update file ( Should I only install one of these, or are they two different things? UPDATE 2: Updated Creator Classic to and now it doesn't recognize either drive. They're listed in the System Tests section, but not in the "Default Recorder" menu. Is this an ASPI thing? Gotta go to bed, I'll work on this again tomorrow. UPDATE 3: SUCCESS!!!! I found the pxengine file mentioned in threads about no default recorder, installed it, and now my drives are recognized AND I appear to be able to select multiple write speeds. Don't have time to deal with burning now, but I'll give it a shot tomorrow and hope its all back the way I want it. At least I can sleep good now!
  5. I take your point and you may be right - it may be the drive going bad. But I think you might have slightly misunderstood me. ImgBurn DOES let me select different write speeds. It has the pull down menu where I can select multiple write speeds. Roxio used to do this, but no longer does. But it still may be the drive.
  6. Actually ImgBurn has the option to select write speeds (for both drives). It just doesn't list supported write speeds on one drive, as it does for the other. Roxio always let me choose multipe write speeds on either drive in the past, so I can't figure out what has changed. Really annoying!
  7. Thank you again. I haven't changed media. I'm using the same Taiyo Uden silver CD-R I've been using for years. I get them from Media Supply Inc, here. You're correct about my CR/RW drive, it's HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8483B with the B at the end, not an 8 as I originally typed. I installed ImgBurn. I have two burners. The one I mentioned and a Phillips DVD+RW DVD8701 5D24 (ATA). When I put a blank in and try to use my HL-DT-ST cd-rw drive, I don't get the Supported Write Speeds line as you show in your screen print. If I switch to the Phillips, I do get supported write speeds of 12,16,24,32,40 and 48X. But If I go back to Roxio Creator Classic 6.0 and try to write a CD-R using the Phillips drive, I still have ONLY 48X to choose from. I just (still in ImgBurn) moved my blank from the DVD+RW drive to the CR-RW drive I usually use to write CD's with. It correctly reads the media as Taiyo Yuden. But it does not have the Supported Write Speeds listing in the Disc Information section.
  8. Thank you, but I already know this. It's when I get to that screen that I used to always select the lowest available write speed. Now the pull down menu has ONLY 48X. I can't select any other speed.
  9. Hello. Longtime EZ-CD Creator 6.0 user. Recently had to re-install the software. I would always select the slowest write speed possible, to get a better finished CD-R. But now for some reason when I go to write a CD, the only speed available is 48X. I used to be able to select much lower speeds, like 8x or 12x or 14x. Can't remember exactly what they all were, but it would then write at about 14x. I have already un-installed and tried a fresh install, but same issue. I haven't changed drives or operating systems. Using Win XP with SP2. The drive I have is recognized by Creator Classic 6. The drive is: HL-DT-ST CR-RW GCE-84838 Creator Classic reports the version as Any ideas?