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    Label Creator Lightscribe Background (Roxio 2011)

    Now I know where to go for help. I assure you, as Arnold would say, I'll be back!
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    Label Creator Lightscribe Background (Roxio 2011)

    Thank you all so much for your input. The winner is: ggrussell Sure enough, all other styles that I tried work well. And, of course, the "Lightscribe" is in fact perfect for text... For the record, I did get the driver directly from the Lightscribe site. The version I have is: I can't believe I waited two years, since Roxio 2009, through 2010 to now to get this simple answer. Thanks again!
  3. Windows 7 64 bit, i7-920, 12 GIG memory, 1.5 TB drive with lots of available space, LG GH22LS50 drive with lightscribe Use JPG image for background Only title band shows on disc The rest of the image (background) does not show at all In the preview, the rest of the image is much lighter than the title band I adjusted image transparency to 100% - so that image is most prominent on preview but title band is still darker. If I set transparency to 0%, image is no longer on preview, only titles are seen. I had the same problem with a laptop turion 56, 2 GIG memory, lots of disk space running Vista 32 bit and Roxio 2009 Other labeler application (LG Power Tools Label Print) works fine on Windows 7 machine.