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    2011 Slide Show Feature

    I use Roxio 7 for many years and it had a great create and editing feature for producing awesome slide shows. I just recently upgraded to Roxio 11 and find it has a very limited slide show creator feature. Am I missing something, can anyone shed some light on this. Paid too much money not to be able to do what I use to be able to do before upgrading. At this point the Window Movie Maker does a better job. Maybe I just haven't figured Roxio 11 out yet, can anyone advise on this?
  2. mkirby

    Dock Feature

    My dock features in Videowave, like Dock Media Selector, Dock Settings, and Dock Effects Setter appear to be disabled. Not exactly sure what "Dock" is, but I would guess it is something I will want to use. Does anyone have any advise.
  3. mkirby

    2011 Slide Show Feature

    Hey, that's it! I think maybe it was called videowave, but it was in the photo section not movie and video. Thanks!!