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    Sound editor

    I guess what bothers me is that the clean up does'nt give any indication of anything happening. In the old program I could see the clean up progressing through the clip. So should I see some action when I click on go? Frank
  2. Frank

    Sound editor

    Yes Terry I get the popup with the sliders, set them on medium, click on go and nothing happens. I really dont want to go to tech. help and pay a fee on a new update. It would seem there should be a warranty period but directly after I downloaded the update they still wanted to charge me for advice. Bummer
  3. Frank

    Sound editor

    Guru, The indication is that while in sound editor I bring up the cleanup, click ok and absoutly nothing happens! Frank
  4. Frank

    Sound editor

    In trying to clean up clicks and noise I click on clean and nothing happens I may be missing a step but what is it. The ask roxane page is useless! Frank