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    Difficulty Re-Installing

    Can you help me please to re-install my roxio easy vhs to dvd software? I have put in the CD and correctly put in my CD product key. The process begins, but after 10 or 15 mins, seems to stick half way through the process. I have used the equipment before, but I think it must have been uninstalled at some point as I cant find it in my programs, that is why i was trying to re-install. Many thanks
  2. Carlyn

    Not Fully Captured

    Hi, I'm trying to capture a vhs to dvd using the Roxio programme however although everything seems to be ok while the program is running, when I come to playback the new dvd the last 5 mins or so always seems to be missing although I have tried to copy the tape atleast 10 times. I'm not pc literate and haven't a clue what might be wrong. All advice gratefully received.
  3. Hi I'm trying to transfer my dad's old vhs video tapes to dvds using roxio 'easy vhs to dvd software'. Have I bought the correct software as I can't seem to find an icon saying capture video from the recorder only from camcorder?