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    10.0.8 Update Went Bad

    That's strange. I never had a problem running the version of Toast 10 Titanium I bought and downloaded in Feb of '09 on this same computer. I still have the e-mail receipt on file for the purchase but, it doesn't list the version#. Yes, I know...backup, backup...my bad. Is there no way to get previous versions? Sonny
  2. sbulla

    10.0.8 Update Went Bad

    Support can't seem to help me with this so, I'm asking here. I received a notice by e-mail that there was an update for my Toast 10 so, I blindly followed the link and downloaded 10.0.8 and installed it on my non-intel Mac (10.4.11). Well, it won't run and I really don't want to splurge for OS 10.5 right now so, I need to know how I can get my old version that worked back as the download seems to have overwritten it and it's nowhere to be found. I contacted support twice and all they tell me is that it won't work with my OS version and offer no help as to how to restore my old version. Help, Sonny