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  1. Dear all, Am I just overlooking it or is it still not possible to have 5.1 surround sound (even as pass through) when (trans)coding to the AppleTV format? If so is it too much to expect in 2011? Regards, ibobi
  2. ibobi

    Two Avchd Export/transcode Issues

    Dear all, I encounter two issues with transcoding AVCHD material from a Panasonic TM700 camcorder. Toast is one of the few apps able to handle the 50p files from this camera and transcode them into Final Cut Pro friendly prores 422 files. In forums around the world this workflow is highly recommended. However I came across two major problems: 1) the native 5 channel audio cannot be maintained in the Toast settings, but needs to be downsampled to LPCM stereo (another app, Clipwrap does manintain all audio channels) 2) the resulting stereo balance in the resulting prores is skewed: the right channel is 30% louder than in de left channel. Anybody an idea how to fix this? Thanks!