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    Toast 10 Titanium Pro Re-Install

    I previously had my Toast 10 Titanium Pro on this computer. My Mac Book Pro hard drive crashed and when I try to re-install the program with the disc it tells me this is a pre-relase version that is not valid. All my inquiries with Roxio confirm my purchase, give my auth. code etc. What do I do now? Frank
  2. fdnave

    Newbie Needs Step By Step

    Thanx for the site.......looks like it has everything covered. I'll check it out Luv the Healey!!!!! fdnave
  3. fdnave

    Newbie Needs Step By Step

    I'm sure once I get the hang of it it'll be great. Is there a step by step guide going from AVCHD camcorder to edit? What do I convert to? and how do I burn an hd to dvd............I know , I know, I told you it's all new to me. I am familair with Pinnacle and PC