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  1. I have just revamped my whole computer and am now using the Windows 7 opperating system. I bought the "Music Lab 10" software in November 2009 but on trying to use it in my new set up it does not show a compatible driver. Are there any downloads to rectify this?
  2. I followed your suggestion and connected the "phones" jack plug from my cassette tape player to the "line in" on my notebook computer. The recording quality was O.K but it recorded only in mono. The L recording bar indicators showed movement but the R bar just subournly sat right the way up into "clip" in the red section with out moving a bit. I also tried recording a LP vinal from the turntable, via a headphone jack from the Hi Fi amplifier and got the same mono result and the same kind of showing on the recording bar indicators. Any suggestions? One last thing! When a disc is burned from the Roxio Music lab 10 interface it saves the file with the extension ".cda". I had no problem playing it on my CD player but might there be a problem on some other players, or is this a standard extension recognised by all?
  3. I know this section of the forum seems to be principally about "Roxio media creator" but i figured "Music Lab 10" is a cut down package of what is incorperated into the full Roxio media software. Does anyone have any theories why when I record from a casette tape deck, chanelled through a Hi Fi amplifier, all my recordings are trashed, as indicated in the "LP and tape assistant" dialogue box, because the recording levels jump straight into the red and stays there.