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    Error Copying Mp3 Cd

    I was burning at only 2X but I found the buffer under run protection was off. Not sure why this should even be allowed off. I think that did the trick.
  2. tmorris9

    Error Copying Mp3 Cd

    I have Toast 10 and always get an error trying to copy CD's. Right now it's an MP3 CD that I made a few years ago. Here is the error: Sense Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code = 0x21, 0x02 BUFFER UNDERRUN Now I just upgraded to the newest version thinking it might fix it but it did not. I don't have any problems writing CD's from iTunes and I finally made a disk image of this CD and burned them using the finder with no problems. For some reason though I can never seem to burn a good CD from Toast. Any ideas? I am using an iMac Intel 2.4 GHz with 4GB RAM and OS 10.6.4