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  1. I understand what you are saying here - but it sounds ridiculous to route a Line Input from the sound card through the pinnacle driver and/or subvert Roxio software to pinnacle driver control for a device (sound card) that has nothing to do with pinnacle. Roxio software has full visibility to any system devices through Windows just like any other software item - I'm not buying it - that only confirms its a Roxio bug - btw - take a look at this pic if you haven't yet.
  2. - with no video capture device I think the audio input options are not available. It was a week or two ago since I ran past that in trouble shooting. The audio input options are available again if a video capture source is connected however.
  3. Although its irrelevant - and you'll see why by the end of this post hopefully - it was version 10 of pinnacle studio - which cannot be installed in win 7 - hence why I tried to use roxio - and in case your wondering - and yes I did download, install and am using the latest win7 64 bit drivers for the usb-500 device.
  4. I am using the pinnacle device, it has not disabled my audio. Roxio provides a feature to select other audio input devices other than the video capture device - such as line in etc. That feature doesn't seem to be working correctly.
  5. yeah - I've reinstalled it - but apparently its in "band-aid" mode - I don't get all the features right now. There is that hanging out there.
  6. It seems everyone keeps getting hung up on this so let me try and explain again. I'm NOT using the pinnacle device for audio. I'm merely trying to use the sound card on my computer through Roxio. As the pic shows in a previous posting - I should be able to select an audio device from the options menu in Roxio but the menu is "blank" which isn't right. Also, pinnacle, windows, whatever - is NOT disabling or muting or preventing devices on the system from using the audio from the sound card. I can use the audio from the sound card for anything I want (but Roxio) while capturing video through the pinnacle device. Therefore, this really looks to me like a bug in Roxio - because Roxio is not providing the option to use the sound card - which should be completely outside of any pinnacle software dependency. - Roxio provides the audio input selection menu for a reason don't they?
  7. ok - now I think we're on the a similar page - but "format of HDD"??? - please explain specifically what your meaning - I just installed Win7 a couple weeks ago - actually probably the day before I originally installed Roxio at the beginning of the month. If you're implying the standard "refresh of Windows" - which I'm used to doing in XP - I certainly hope we're not there already. And by the way - I completely redownloaded Roxio Creator and reinstalled it and I still am having no success.
  8. Jim - you are not reading my posts very closely. Please compare you're data-copy screen to mine in my posting above. You have two things wrong. 1) Compare you pick of your Data-Copy screen in PRO to mine in Standard. The necessary option is not available in mine. The option you show doesn't exist in my version of Creator Data-Copy screen - see my pic. The option to "Copy Disc to Image" is not available in my disc-copy screen. This is what I've been trying to point out. That was the whole point of my posting that screen so you could see that. - As I've been saying - in the windows I have shown (data-copy project, creator classic etc.) there is absolutely NO WAY to to make an image of a pre-existing disc. 2) Your wrong on the account of what I want to do. I have wanted to do that "Copy Disc to Image" from the start - reread my posts from the beginning - its why I brought up the "Copy Disc to Image" instructions - and I'm trying to follow those instructions - and am failing to see that option in my "Standard" data-copy screen.
  9. I'm not even using the Pinnacle device for audio and the audio card is supplying sound just fine. This pic shows the that the audio IS the default device and it is operating. It also shows the "Blank" Creator menu for selecting an audio device which is very odd. The Creator menu evidently is made to select an audio source (such as the sound card) and one should be able to select audio from the sound card to overlay and capture audio via that source.
  10. ronin

    User Manuals

    That may sound fair but life's not fair. If Roxio's name is on it, and HP and Roxio are pointing fingers at each other - both companies will bare a burden I think.
  11. Ok - but I never said it didn't exist - that was the original poster's comment - I merely commented that one should exist - and looks like you found one! - good! - (although I personaly have not verified by clicking your link b/c I don't need one). Let's just assume I trust it is there. I suggest we just drop it since it is off topic.
  12. Well I do feel a little less angst now that I found it is possible to make an ISO image file. But still - for the fidelity of your statement - Ok - show me how to make an ISO image file from the Creator Classic Window that I show you comes up when I go to Data-Copy Project in Standard. As I have continually reported with honesty - I cannot find a way to do it from there. (And as far as the product comparisons you point out, I also could not find any specific mention of ISO image and any statements reguarding copying/burning discs are not specific).
  13. I wasn't originally attempting to use the Roxio Burn Application. The post was later edited (see the bottom) to reflect that I did find a way to do it through the Roxio Burn Application. However, I still am unable to get the windows you presented in your post. In Standard, when I click on the Data-Copy project a new window comes up with Creator Classic (completely different in style from what you show) And further the windows you present and the windows that I get in Standard version (although different) do not reflect the ability to do what I want, which is enumerated below: 1) Insert Manufactured CD into computer (for example, a windows install disk, or roxio creator install disc or other) or a data or audio disc I just finished burning (any of the above). It is different in that it does not allow in any way to select ISO image for creating an ISO file for a group of data in the project. 2) Create an ISO or GI file from the disc and store the file to the computer (for archiving or making other copies tomorrow when disc gets broke or any other reason I find). (not reluctant to describe what I'm trying to do . . . . . just no further details are relevant) Although I have solution to the problem I originally posed (through the Roxio Burn App) I would like to investigate bad install or other problem that is suggested by us having different windows. If it is a bad install, then I need a resolution on how to install correctly because this is at least the third attempt at install. Here is the help instructions which I'm trying to follow and the subsequent menu options (which don't match). I can find NO WAY to select a destination of ISO image file or GI file for content.
  14. sknis - As I stated, I'm trying to create a disc image of a disc which is already burned (or equivalently, create a disc image of a manufactured disc) (ref. first sentence in original post). Additionally, I see from the graphics you show that you are demonstrating things in Creator 2011 Pro. This is very differnt from the Standard version. As I clearly stated in the title of this thread I am attempting to do this with Creator 2011 Standard <- apparently choosing this software version was a mistake. When I select Data Copy the attached picture shows the window that pops up which doesn't allow for a destination other than a burnable disc. I do not understand what your second sentence - it is nonsense - and doesn't appear to be related to anything I said. Ripping files and reburning is not anything like what I am attempting to do. The only software I've used before is Creator 2008 Pro. I expected this functionality to be similar - which appears to be my mistake. I guess this solves my question - to make an image file with Creator you have to spend more money and purchase the Pro version. Buyer beware. -- UPDATE: As it turns out I found a way to do it afterall with Standard version - its not obvious but if you go to the Start menu and Start Roxio Burn (under Roxio 2011->Applications) insert the disc in the drive - click once only on the roxio cd icon on the desktop to read the disc and when it is finished click on the bottom bar of the icon and a pop-up menu appears with a selection to create a disc image. This allows you to create an image from a disc which is already made.
  15. ronin

    User Manuals

    Still Roxio's software. It should come with a manual. People expect if it says Roxio (as it does in the title name) that you can go to them for a manual. Anything less is just a poor product period. I don't care who you lay the blame on (HP or Roxio). There should be an old manuals download page somewhere. - But don't let these kind of things frustrate you too much. We are all experiencing things like this. Companies who can't provide the expected service are loosing their brand image (HP, Roxio or BOTH!).