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    Easy Vhs Does Not Start

    No it was not bent or anything, it worked for 10 minutes or so, and then packed up. Got hold of Roxio America on line and after about 4 hours, they said it was a problem with the unit and they said the same thing, they do not supply replacements, I got a replacement number from America and had to phone Roxio England and explain to them what had happened and the number and they then ordered a new replacement unit from America (long way round, but it works)
  2. sorrell

    Easy Vhs Does Not Start

    Hi Jonny Just to let everyone know after exhaustive tests on various computers and with the help from the online help in America, it turns out to be the capture unit itself, so Roxio in England are refunding the money and ordering a new unit. Very efficient. Dave
  3. I just received the item and got the VHS to DVD working ok, downloaded 30 minutes of tape ok, I then went and did bits and pieces in iMovie with the file, when I went back to download another 30 minutes of tape, it would not respond, coming up with: Please connect your Easy VHS to DVD Capture hardware to any USB 2.0 port and I can’t get it to go any further. Have tried various other sources ie vhs recorder, still with nothing, not even asking to connect video and then audio. Have download from CD again but to no avail, any ideas. Have looked at all the forums but none of them help. I am running it on Mac Pro 2 x 2 ghz dual core intel xeon, have tried on their web site with a ticket but get no reply. I live in England
  4. sorrell

    Final Cut Express

    How do you convert the MPEG2 in Toast and what format would you use please. \ Dave