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    Picture In Picture With Videowave

    I may not have been in timeline mode (which could be the issue), however I do have the scene separeted. Basically, I'd like to have the original video playing in retime and a little box appear on the lower right of the screen to play the video of a replay clip. Sorta like having a real time tv show playing and a box comes up to see the last player score a goal, etc. I just can't figure out how to have the box show up and have the video playing in it.
  2. I'm still learning the software, but I'm trying to have a video playing (say a wrestling match) and I'd like to add a little pop up box to the lower right with a quick replay. I thought it was in the feature to add an overlay but I'm not doing something correctly. Anyone have a moment to help a noob! PS - Is there a Creator 2011 Dummies book coming out any time soon?
  3. Cyoung265

    No Signal / Can't Click "capture Now"

    I never really thought that it wouldn't be compatible. I mean, when I'm in Roxio 2011 Pro, it identifies the usb, I can see the video and hear the audio, I just can't capture it.
  4. I'm not quite sure what the issue is. Using Windows XP SP 3. AverMedia USB "DVDEZ Maker USB Gold" import device. The device works on the pc. At this moment, I can see video (watching live tv). I can hear audio in sync. I have 60gigs free in the save directories. However, Status is saying "No Signal" and the "capture now" button is grayed out. I've tried every setting of the Capture Settings box. Can't figure it out. The USB is connected to a DVD/VCR combo. First time using the import parts of the program. Anyone have an idea whats going on? Craig Young