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  1. First - nobody "gave" me a solution - read the OP and you will notice I found the solution for myself. Nobody "came to my rescue". That is just laughable. Second - from the so called advice posted it would appear that the most up to date version of the software still carries the same flaw. So what is your point? Third - I don't mind somebody pointing out that I may be lacking in knowledge - in fact I would welcome that. However I do have a big problem with the way that was said. I made no unpleasant remarks to anyone. The worst I did was to express my annoyance with Roxio software. The responses by sknis and mygugi were highly condescending and had more to do with belittleing than informing or helping. Compare their responses with that of cdanteek who has made a constructive suggestion in a polite and friendly way. I had hoped for a conctructive discussion - but apparently that isn't likely to happen here. When you give advice but preface it with comments that boil down to "you are an idiot" - nobody is going to take kindly to it.
  2. I bow to the awesome knowledge of the Digital Gurus'. I humbly beg forgivness for daring to be a bit annoyed that Roxio software is loaded with bugs which they either can't, or don't want to fix. I may not know as much as you do about it - but that is not a good reason to be unpleasant. Perhaps both of you should refrain from commenting if you can't do it in a reasonably civil fashion.
  3. Well I think it is wasteful of time - effectively you have to perform the Write Format twice. Regardless of that, the only reason it is the "preferred" method is because Roxio haven't sorted the bug out. Just one of many I should add.
  4. Yes - I tend to agree that it is a software problem. However, I also think that it is highly significant that the problem has only reared it's ugly head when the burner was swapped out. In my view that is a pretty strong indication that there is glitch in the software relating to how it communicates with hardware. The software will work with some hardware - but not others. There has to be a reason for that. The fact that the "erase" behaviour has changed I think is also significant. Again it is an indication that the software is behaving differently with the new hardware. Again there must be a reason for that. The fact that I replaced the burner with the same make has little to do with it really - apart from indicating that the software worked properly at one time. Despite being from the same manufacturer there are likely to be many differences between the two burners given the original was purchased over eighteen months ago, and it isn't the same model. As for the "work around" - it is extremely wasteful of time and very, very, frustrating. It is incredible that Roxio haven't got to the bottom of this problem given how long users have been reporting it.
  5. I have been burning Bluray discs with virtually no problems for more than 18 months using MyDVD in Roxio Creator 2011 Pro. As a general rule I burn all my projects to Panasonic BD-RE discs and up until now that has worked very well. I have a reasonably good performance PC running Win 7 64 bit, Core i7 CPU, 8Gigs Ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card, 500+ Gigs free disc space. A couple of weeks ago the LG Bluray burner in my PC died, so I replaced it with another LG burner. Since then I get the error message "Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Error while Writing Format" whenever I try to burn a Bluray disc. This error happens regardless of how complex or simple the project is. I've tried complex projects, but it also happens on tests that I have made with very short clips of only 30 seconds with no transitions, effects etc, etc. I made sure that the firmware for the new burner was up to date, but that didn't help. I have also tried changing the render options from Hardware to Software but that does not solve the problem. The only thing that works is to output the project as an ISO file, and then burn it to Bluray using the ISO burner in Roxio Creator 2011 Pro. I know this has been a long running problem, but I hope this thread might add something to the discussion. In my case at least this seems to be a hardware issue given the I had no problems with my previous bluray burner. Perhaps some kind of conflict between MyDVD and the burner. One thing that I have noticed is that when I click on the "Erase Disc..." button in the "Burn Project" dialog box it takes just about 5 seconds to erase a previously used BD-RE disc. With the old burner it would take between 30 and 50 seconds. However using the ISO burn tool in Creator 2011 Pro the erase time is again about 30 to 50 seconds. So I'm wondering if this error might result from the erase function in MyDVD not working properly with the new Bluray burner. It is a real pain not being able to burn directly to BD discs, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have a number of MyDVD projects with a fairly simple structure. There are four titles on the first screen, four on the second, and four on the third. I wanted the default button (i.e. the highlighted button when the DVD opens, or you change page) on the first and second screens to be the "Next" button, and on the third screen I wanted the default button to be the "Previous" button. So I made those selections using the "Default Button" drop down list in the top right hand corner of the MyDVD home page. However no matter what I do when I burn it to DVD/Bluray and view it on my standalone Bluray player I get the following results: Page 1 - Default = First Title Page 2 - Default = Previous Page 3 - Default = Previous The strange thing is that I did get it to work on one DVD purely by accident. But since then any attempt after that is a no go. How can I get the "Default Button" selection feature to work properly? Any help would be much appeciated.
  7. I was putting the finishing touches to a MyDVD project when I found the playback controls in the editing window wouldn't work anymoer - that is: Pause, frame advance forward, play, go to clip start, go to clip end, go to start of project and go to end of project, etc. None of the icons work - they are all greyed out. Cut, copy and paste etc will not work when right clicking a clip. The shuttle ring also does not work. I can drag the seek bar across the timeline but the video will not play as the slider is dragged. Curiously, if I double click a clip, the clip editing window will open, and I can play back the video in the editing window. Other projects already on my PC seem to open and work without any problems. So I figure it is one of two things. 1. The dmsd file has become corrupt (hope to hell that is not the case, but fear it is). 2. I have accidentally hit some control or other and switched off some of the functionality of the editing window. (praying that is what has happened). Any comments on how I could fix this would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  8. WOW!!! Thank you so much mygugi. I can't believe that I missed that. I think I clicked just about everything in sight trying to get back to normal. My lips were turning blue. Sometimes you just cant see the wood for the trees. Anyway, I'm glad that I know what that is for as it could be very useful provided I can switch it back to normal. Thanks again.
  9. I was working on a videowave project and double clicked and audio track to open the audio editor. The screen flickered and then the appearance of the audio tracks changed. Normally they are blue with a with a green line running through the middle. Now they have changed to grey with a green line through the middle and the soundtrack waveform has also appeared. Also the audio tracks have almost doubled in size. See screenshot below. The problem is that if I zoom in or out, or try to navigate through the project in any way my computer slows almost to a halt as it tries to recalculate the waveform. This doesn't just apply to the project I was working on at the time. It is the same for the audio tracks on any project that I open. I have no idea how I managed to do this. I've searched every menu, rightclicked everything to look at context menus and I can't seem to find how to get back to the normal view. I have also looked through Help but couldn't find anything about it. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me how I did this, but more importantly how I can get back to the normal menu. It slows everything down so much it is impossible to work with it this way. TIA
  10. Thanks gi7omy. I wasn't suggesting searching the registry for all Roxio/Sonic references and deleting them. Having removed the registry folders as instructed by Roxio the registry cleaners still found numerous invalid Roxio/Sonic entries. Those are the ones that I removed. With regard to the "hidden" folders. My point is that it would appear that Roxio uninstall instructions are inadequate given I found several such folders after deleting the ones on the Roxio uninstall instructions. I am aware that 10.1 is a complete install. My problem was getting rid of it completely so that I could get back to my original 10.0 version. Bottom line is that Roxio is notorious for install/uninstall problems. I have never come across another program with so many issues. Add to that that their "help" instructions and support are extremely poor and the whole thing is a bit of a mess. I don't believe Roxio care one way or the other and that is a pity.
  11. Thanks gi7omy, but I feel I need to add to this thread just a little bit. When I overcame the MPEG-2 activation problem in MyDVD by upgrading EMC 10.0 to 10.1, I found the problem that had kick started my trying to get back to EMC 10.0 in the first place. I had installed Creator Pro 2011 and found that in the edit window of MyDVD it was not possible to save work within the edit window - you had to hit the Go Back To MyDvd button and save changes there. Others on the board don't seem to consider this a problem, but I hate it as I do all my editing in MyDVD. When Roxio advised there wouldn't be a fix for this in 2011 I decided to return it for a refund and go back to my original EMC10. After upgrading EMC 10.0 to 10.1, I didn't have the MPEG-2 activation problem anymore, but 10.1 had the same missing Save option as 2011 which annoys the hell out of me. So I decided to make one last attempt to get my original EMC10 running properly. I followd the Roxio instructions for a full uninstall to the letter. Uninstalled all Roxio products through Control Panel, Deleted the folders they say you have to delete, emptied the recycle bin, and deleted the registry entries they indicate. However just before rebooting for a reinstall I did a search for the keywords Roxio and Sonic on my computer. I found numerous files and folders with Roxio and Sonic references. So I deleted them as well. I also ran two registry cleaners. System Mechanic which is a paid PC maintenance tool, and Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. Both found references in the registry for Roxio and Sonic. So I deleted all the additional files and folders I had found, and cleaned all the registry entries found by the registry cleaners. After rebooting I installed my original EMC10 and it's Content CD. The installation went without a hitch. MyDVD opened with no MPEG-2 activation problems, and the Save function I love so much in the MyDVD edit window was there. It strikes me that the instructions Roxio give are inadequate. You really need to search your computer for any other Roxio/Sonic files or folders that Roxio have forgotten to mention. (Just make sure you don't inadvertently delete your original setup files if you downloaded rather than purchasing a CD version). And you need to run a registry cleaner to make sure there are absolutely no Roxio of Sonic references left in the registry. Hoping this might help someone with similar problems.
  12. Yeehhaaa!!! I managed to fix it. I googled Error 1316 and found out it was a problem with registry errors. I finally found my way to a Microsoft support page that has a tool for diagnosing and fixing install/uninstall errors. I downloaded and ran the tool. It took about 5 minutes but it uninstalled the existing version of EMC10 Content. I then ran the EMC10 Content update and it installed with no problems. Everything is finally back working. If anyone has similar problems you can find the FixIt tool on the link below http://support.microsoft.com/mats/Program_Install_and_Uninstall God!!! I hate computers.
  13. After a reinstall of EMC 10 I ran into the dreaded MPEG-2 activation problem when trying to open MyDVD. I spent hours and hours trying to fix it, and read just about everything I could find on the forum about it. I did full uninstall/reinstalls amongst many other suggestions and nothing worked. I finally found a post where someone had fixed the problem by updating from version 10.0 to 10.1. So I downloaded the update and ran it. Amazing - it actually worked. MyDVD now works again - but - all the content was gone. So I ran the EMC 10 Content update as well. But it wont work. The installer starts but then advises me there is an existing version of EMC 10 Content and asks if it should uninstall it before installing the update. I clicked yes. After a short while I get an error message stating "Setup has determined that your configuration does not support any of the included products". And the update fails. I tried to remove the existing version of EMC10 Content via Windows Control Panel but the uninstall fails with an error message that reads "Error 1316. A network error occured while attempting to read from file C:\Windows\Installer\Roxio Content 10.msi" and it just wont uninstall. I also tried to reinstall the original version of EMC10 Content over the existing version, but that fails also. After hours and hours I am exasperated and on the point of taking a sledge hammer to my PC. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me solve this problem. TIA
  14. ThePad

    Mydvd Save Project Not Working

    Well we'll have to disagree. I like to edit in MyDVD for a number of reasons. For instance, I can make chapter markers as I go (and I tend to use a lot of chapter markers). If I work in Videowave and export to MyDVD I then have to through the tiresome process of clicking 60 or 70 markers and converting them to chapter markers as there is no way to convert multiple markers to chapter markers. Then if I have to make a major change to a completed project, and I do that work in Videowave I have to go through the same process of converting all the chapter markers all over again. Why have an editing window in MyDVD if it is not to be used??? And if there is and edit window the Save option should be available without having to go back to the main MyDVD window. It is a very very basic funciton. It has been there in every previous version and now it is gone for apparently no good reason. It is a bug without question and probably relates to a couple of lines of code which could easily be fixed. That however is unlikely in the extreme. I'm returning Creator 2011 for a refund and going back to Easy Media Creator 2010.
  15. ThePad

    Mydvd Save Project Not Working

    Well I've spent the last 10 days fighting with Roxio Customer Care on this issue. It was a massive waste of time in which I was required to uninstall and reinstall on two different occasions, update drivers for sound card and graphics card, create new user accounts just for Roxio on my PC amongst other things. None of their suggestions cured the problem. After 10 days of making me jump through hoops Roxio eventually tested the problem for themselves - and what do you know - they have exactly the same problem. Here is their last communication to me So there you have it - its a bug and its official. Its just a pity they didn't take the 5 minutes to test it when I first contacted them rather then dragging me through a dog and pony show. It remains to be seen if or when they will fix it.