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    Burn Disk To Image Just Hangs

    I found a workaround on the Roxio support forums. Can't remember what it was now, but I had to run a little program they created to fix it. Note: I am now using Roxio Creator 2011, purchased direct from Roxio, added on after I purchased Roxio Creator 2010 from HP just weeks before. Arrgghhh.
  2. Hi, thanks for the suggestion to try s/w rendering. I was thinking of doing that. I'll try that next time. I like your idea of buying a BD-RE (re-writeable) disk instead of using up $10 BD-R disks for each "experiment". I did try again, but after playing around w/ fit to disk such that my .ISO file (I put it onto my computer's HDD before burning it to a BD-R) was larger, 22.77GB instead of 12.33GB. It was much better, but still not that good. Anyway, thanks for the post, I will try out your suggestion!
  3. I tried "Disc Image Loader", but although it did load the ISO file, the player that I used said it couldn't support playing the disk format. However, I burned this same ISO file to a BD-R disk, and when I stick it into the optical drive that can read bluray disk, it can view it. Here's a new question -- how do I "unmount" this new drive?? I right-clicked on it but don't see anything other than a few of the typical things (open, properties, eject, ...).
  4. I have a picture quality issue on the first bluray DVD I created. I checked the same player & TV using a commercial BluRay, and saw no issue (looks great). But, when I played the bluray disk I created using MyDVD, it looked great unless something was moving. The choppiness was horrible if the camera panned the scene at all. The original MPG files that I used to create the project were the following file sizes: 11.7GB 10.3GB part of a 9.8GB file (trimmed) [Once I burned it,) the bluray ISO file size was 12.3GB. The disk size was 25GB (single-layer). I thought that I set up all the burning options for the best quality. So far, the picture quality -- unless the scene being viewed is still or very slow-moving -- is not nearly as good with BD as DVD. Any ideas on what settings/preferences I might try?
  5. Sorry, I didn't realize. I am used to forums where there's employees as well as users answering posts. (For more expensive s/w.) I've put my question to Roxio. However, I did see a feature in MyDVD to change the project type from BluRay to DVD or AVHCD, & I did save my project -- it does look like the conversion to DVD type project worked. So, thanks to Jim_Hardin for pointing me in the right general direction!
  6. Matt1

    2011 Pro And Blu-Ray Plug-In

    Here's something interesting. My HP computer had another program called HP MediaSmart Player, and it played the BluRay DVD that I created using Roxio Creator 2011 MyDVD just fine. Why doesn't Roxio's Cineplayer find the codec that this other player is using?
  7. Matt1

    2011 Pro And Blu-Ray Plug-In

    You mean that you have to buy a new codec every time you upgrade Roxio??? That sounds ridiculous.
  8. I've used every feature available in Windows 7 to change the program default, but apparently Roxio overrides them all. If I right-click on the drive & select HP MediaSmart DVD, of course it plays fine. But the default is to open Roxio Audio Converter, which of course I do NOT want!
  9. Is this an official answer from Roxio, or is this just another user's opinion, or ...?
  10. Can I recode an ISO file from blu-ray format to DVD format? If yes, which subtool within Creator 2011 Pro do I use?
  11. How do I play an ISO file I created to ensure it's OK before burning? I can't figure out how to do this with Roxio Creator 2011 Pro.
  12. I get the following error message when trying to work with Roxio Creator 2011 Pro using Remote Desktop. "Cannot Initiate Task" (in the Banner part of the window). "The task you are attempting to initiate requires MyDVD, but it is already running in another user account on this machine." Roxio Creator 2011 Pro is running on an HP Elite 380t computer with Windows 7 O/S, and I am remote desktopping from a PC running WinXPpro/SP3. I am logging into the same account as I was using when I was working with this software directly. Any ideas on how to make MyDVD work with Remote Desktop, like all the other applications that I use? (and I use a lot of different applications, due to my job being working with all kinds of different software on all kinds of computers). I have attached the error message window.
  13. If Roxio is removing features without telling folks, then they're a shady company that I don't want to do business with. Any way I can get my $ back? I bought Creator2010 bundled with my new PC at hp.com. I guess I need to take the matter up with HP?
  14. Matt1

    Burn Disk To Image Just Hangs

    Well, I did the uninstall / reinstall per all the ridiculously painful steps. (Properly written software would just work on install.) Still, capture video or create DVD does not work. Burning a DVD from the ISO image seemed to work. I just want it all to work, not wonder what is going on. Actually, I think I just want my money back. I just bought it (when I bought my new PC at HP.com).
  15. Matt1

    Burn Disk To Image Just Hangs

    Where did this image come from? I just made it with Roxio Creator 2010 on the same computer. Do you know what software made the image? See above. What type of image/file extension does this image have? ISO. Edited to clarify responses.