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    Toast In Australia

    Thanks ogdens & yes I get that but I wanted to make a statement in writing & unfortunately Roxio have become one of those faceless entities that have no human interaction options avaliable unless you want to call some pleb in the office/call centre who will just spin the company line about 'delivery costs' and 'local deployment expenses' etc etc all of which are just a total load of rubbish. In some countries, such as Australia, they are GOUGING us on price & it is nothing short of blatant profiteering.
  2. Adam_W

    Toast In Australia

    I have been a Toast user for many years as a consequence I get regular 'Update to Toast 11' e-mails. Here's a message for you Roxio... these fantastic offers you extend to us out here in the colonies do nothing more than make me intensely angry as I see the inexplicable pricing disparity between Australia & the United States. At entry price we are expected to pay almost double for the same software that you sell in the US that is downloaded from the same servers and has the same global support. All this at a time when we have parity with the US dollar. So... my question to you in Roxio/Corel - why do you continue tis inexcusable rip-off for Australian customers? I for one will never be updating to a version of Toast higher than 10 until you stop this blatant global scam.
  3. Adam_W

    Burn Errors Since Update

    Okay, I'll try just deleting the preferences first, see how that goes. I've tried burning at 2x that worked once or twice. They are Verbatim discs.
  4. Adam_W

    Burn Errors Since Update

    Ever since applying the recent update my iMac (27" i7) reports errors everytime I try to burn a disc. The alert says 'media error'. The batch of media is the same I was using pre-update and is a brand I have always used that has had a very low failure rate previously. One disc every now and again being bad I understand but when I throw 6 faulty discs in a row over my shoulder there is something wrong. I've tried slowing the speed down to just x2, that recorded one disc but after that the next discs returned errors. Anyone else got this happening? Like I said thsi has only started since applying the latest update.