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    Audio Capture With Spin Doctor

    After many long conversations with Roxio technical support and many emails it is finally working. I really don't know what I did. They suggested trying with a different user on the Mac, which I did, and it immediately worked fine. I uninstalled and re-installed several times and for some reason it has now decided to work on my normal user account. BUT.... new problem. Even though auto capture says it is capturing streamed audio, it actually cuts off quite quickly. For example, if I record a stream for 10-15 minutes, stop, and look at the resulting file I find that recording stopped somewhere along the line. Sometimes after only 30 seconds, sometimes after 5-6 minutes. I've tried several different approaches, different user accounts on the computer, etc. and there is no pattern to this except that recording stops at some point even though the program says it is continuing. I've looked at all the settings I can find and don't see anything related to this.
  2. JDTakoma

    Audio Capture With Spin Doctor

    OK - I tried that. Didn't make any difference. Still can't see CDSD as an input source, nor is Auto Music Capture active.
  3. JDTakoma

    Audio Capture With Spin Doctor

    UPDATE: I again uninstalled everything and reinstalled. I did not install the Auto Capture Support feature in Spin Doctor. I was able to successfully record from an internet stream, saved it, and then started another recording. After the second recording I quit Spin Doctor and re-opened it. Now I have the same problem as before: the Auto Capture button does not work and CDSD is not an input option. Back to the same situation as before. I tried quitting both Toast and Spin Doctor and re-opening them but it didn't make a difference.
  4. JDTakoma

    Audio Capture With Spin Doctor

    I am starting from the Advanced window - but I still can't get CDSD as a choice for input device. If you have advice on the installation of the audio capture support I'd like to hear it. Also, I was temporarily successful - I will post a separate "update" message.
  5. JDTakoma

    Audio Capture With Spin Doctor

    I am trying to capture streaming audio from the Internet using Spin Doctor, as described in the Spin Doctor User Guide (esp. pp 22ff). I have repeatedly talked to Roxio tech support both by phone and via email. Finally they had me provide a copy of my System Profiler file and "escalated" the ticket. The result of that was to tell me to uninstall and reinstall the Toast 10 program (something I had already done multiple times). I did it one more time without success. Here is the response I provided back to tech support, describing what I did and what the problem is. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and found a solution. MY REPORT TO ROXIO TECHNICAL SUPPORT: I uninstalled the software and re-installed it per your instructions. Once in Spin Doctor I also installed Audio Capture Support, closed Spin Doctor, and re-opened it. The Start Auto Music Capture button was active. Following the instructions in your Spin Doctor User Guide (page 22) I went selected "start a new recording" and selected various parameters. CDSD Audio Capture was one of the input options. I clicked on the "start" button and immediately got an error message. After that the Auto Music Capture button was no longer active and CDSD audio capture was no longer one of the input options.