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  1. ColoradoRockieLass

    Content - Missing ?

    thank you for your reply and what I was doing is working on a photo project and wanted to add frams and or mat and there was no content to add , I then noticed that there were no clipart photos or special project options, such as, calendars, posters , etc. So what I did was perform a repair using the install disc and this corrected the problem.
  2. ColoradoRockieLass

    Content - Missing ?

    It is now working, guess it had to 'think' for a moment after repair.
  3. ColoradoRockieLass

    Content - Missing ?

    OK, repair corrected part of the probelem, I can now see content, just need to re-learn out apparently how to add a frame or matt, as I still can not get that to work.
  4. ColoradoRockieLass

    Content - Missing ?

    Good day. I am still getting acquainted with Creator 11 after a couple of weeks & last night discovered I seem to have no content. Working on a photo project I am unable to add matt/frame. There is no art in the clipart area. And no I also notice there are no calendar creation items or other projects. Can someone enlighten me here, did I lose something? I went back to the install discs, uninstalled & reinstalled disc 2, checked disc 1, which seems to have content but don't know if it's what I am looking for. I have been using PhotoSuite since vs 5, so would think this would be intuitive. [i have NO calendar, cards or project content] going to reinstall application from disc 1, see if I somehow missed something.