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  1. HomeMovies

    No Sound While Using Video Wave

    I also find that Video Wave "stops working" a lot.
  2. HomeMovies

    No Sound While Using Video Wave

    through an SD card. I also just tried to copy and convert my mpeg2 file to a mpeg2 file through roxio. When I then put that video into video wave. I had sound but as soon as I started to edit it (I split the video) I lost sound....
  3. HomeMovies

    No Sound While Using Video Wave

    The video source is from my camcorder's SD card
  4. HomeMovies

    No Sound While Using Video Wave

    it's an mpeg file with a .mpg file extension. The biggest issue is that sometimes it will have sound and other times it will not have sound. Or sometimes the first clip wont have sound but the other clips will. Sometimes I can add a video to videowave and it will have sound and then when I start to edit it...It will lose it's sound. I had Best Buy's geek squad look at it and two different people thought that it was a software issue but there's no way for me to talk to roxio about it. When I called roxio sales they told me if I wasn't willing to pay the $20 to speak to a tech support person then i should return the software to the store.
  5. I'm trying to use Video Wave to create a "movie." When I play my mpeg on my computer the sound and video work fine. When I import the video into video wave there is no sound. I've had so many problems since I've upgraded my computer to Windows 8 and bought this new NXT Roxio software. I liked the old Creator software that I had with Windows 7. Does anyone know how to get sound? I will tell you that when I import multiple video segments to Video Wave that sometimes only the first video clip wont have sound but the other clips do and sometimes none of them have sound. Thanks
  6. HomeMovies

    No Sound In Videowave

    Or it takes forever to open
  7. HomeMovies

    No Sound In Videowave

    I did copy my folders exactly as it was. I don't really care about the project working...I can always start over, but I'm not getting any sound on the video clips either. VideoWave also keeps shutting down on me. I get an error message saying that it has stopped working. Thank you for replying
  8. HomeMovies

    No Sound In Videowave

    My VideoWave keeps stopping too... I just installed NXT to my new Windows 8 computer. Creator 2011 always worked fine on my old computer
  9. HomeMovies

    No Sound In Videowave

    I just bought NXT with the purchase of my new Windows 8 computer. I previously had Roxio Creator 2011 on my old computer. I was in the middle of working on a production. I moved all of my files to my new computer. When I try to open my production with VideoWave I can see the video but I can't hear anything. If I try to open each individual file again I hear nothing. If I open the file (.mov) with Window Media Player...it plays fine. If I open the production, or any of the files, on my old computer...it plays fine.
  10. HomeMovies

    Play All Button On My Dvd

    I go to view...I go to settings...I'm on the main tab...but I don't know how to get a Play All Button. There are 4 movies on my menu and I would like to have the option to just play all the movies one after each other without it going back to the menu. How do I add a Play All Button? Thanks.
  11. HomeMovies

    This Type Of Disc Cannot Be Played

    Ok. I open MYDVD. I select 2D DVD. I changed my Menu Style. I clicked on add sub-menu. I title it. Within that sub-menu I add 3 movies. Back on the Main Menu I add two more sub-menus. Within those sub-menus I add more movies. The reason I wanted to do it: My daughter dances and she has three dances that she competes. I taped her dance classes practicing the dances. I like to keep each dance I taped seperate (instead of pasting them all together). So I named each sub menu the name of the dance then within that menu I added the movies of her dance. Thanks!!!
  12. I have burned many DVD projects using MY DVD and have NEVER had a problem playing them in my home DVD player. This time I decided to get more creative and added 3 sub menus and then added my movies within the submenus. I burned my project to my DVD+RW (the same ones I always use) and my DVD player is telling me that I cannot play the disc. If I put the DVD in my computer and open my media player it plays fine. I'm able to select the submenu within the main menu and then select my movie. This is the first time I've had a problem and I'm guessing it's because of the sub-menus. I tried erasing the disc and re-burning it but I get the same results. Could it be my DVD player? I have a Panasonic DVD/CD Player DVD-F65 5Disc Changer Progressive Scan. It's more than a couple of years old but it's never given me a problem. Is there any way I can make this movie work with the sub-menus? Thanks in advance!! ~Amanda
  13. HomeMovies

    Menu Styles

    I FIGURED IT OUT!!! I had to redownload and save it to my desktop. After the download, which contains two files--Roxio 2011 and Roxio 2011 Content, I had to go to the folder (under the download file) and open the content file. It's confusing because Roxio2011 runs automatically but the content file doesn't. I had to run it myself. Thanks for everyone's help. I wish that the Roxio tech support knew more about their product (see excerpt, from my convo with them, above)
  14. HomeMovies

    Menu Styles

    I didn't save that folder. I only ran it. Thank you for helping me.
  15. HomeMovies

    Menu Styles

    Ok Roxio 2011 size 22.2 KB size on disk 48.0KB Contains 12 files 1 folder created October 16, 2010