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  1. jbro

    Photoshow To Mp4

    Contacting Roxio is the problem..a real maze. Might just live with the fact can not make into a CD/MP file,.Thanks for all your time. One more thing. Can u recommend another program like Roxio (easy to use)?..you can e-mail directly if u wish. jbro777@comcast.net Joe
  2. jbro

    Maikng Cd And Mp4

    How do I make these into MPs or CDs no download option.http://www.photoshow.com/members/jbrown41/all
  3. jbro

    Photoshow To Mp4

    when I sign in as 711 it is not Premium.these care the shows I want..signibng in as 777 it comes up not as Premium..these arte the ones I want.Sorry about confusing replys...my first at this.Joe
  4. jbro

    Photoshow To Mp4

    How do I bring this to desktop? http://www.photoshow.com/watch/wc4Sd4abstep step by step please.Thanks,Joe
  5. jbro

    Photoshow To Mp4

    Please tell me how to download to my desk top verson..you mean Roxio?Then it will be good0bye. wasted enough time with them thanks again,Joe
  6. jbro

    Photoshow To Mp4

    This is crazyl.,when Im look at my Photo shows made by my 777 address I can not make disc or MP. when I open old Photoshows with my 711 address it give me both options.Would up grading be worth while?So he ones in 777 that Im ewant to make CD / MP4 is out of the question?Thanks,Joe Any other Roxio type (easy to use) products out there u can recommend?,,,appreciate your help.
  7. jbro

    Photoshow To Mp4

    I’m trying to create a MP file..from a Photoshow…left computer on all night..nothing in my mail box this morning. If it matters……I am a Premium member. Please help. Joe
  8. Sorry....new....how do I find answers to my question?
  9. trying to burn to disc Photo show...no pics ..just get sound. please help,..Win 7 Joe jbro777@comcast.net
  10. Roixio 2012..trying to burn DVD after burn pictures do not show only sound. Any answers? Thanks, Joe jbro777@comcast.net
  11. jbro

    Photo Show Transition

    All pics are set for 3.0 Transition.............Can I make last pic longer 5.0 sec? Thanks, Joe jbro777 at comcast.net first time user......please contact me at above e address Edited email address to save you tons of spam