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    "an Error Has Occurred Recompressing The Video"

    As Roxio have completely ignored my request for support on this issue, I am looking on the Limewire and Pirate Bay-type sites for a previous version of Toast 10. Once downloaded I will use my own serial number to activate this very buggy software. If this works, I will post back. This is a ridiculous state of affairs and is irresponsible behaviour from a company the size of Roxio.
  2. chrisrr

    "an Error Has Occurred Recompressing The Video"

    I appreciate the work tsantee has done with this issue, but I am incensed that Roxio have done absolutely nothing to fix this bug. I have written to the support dept and have been ignored. This is proof that Roxio cares zero for its customers and I will be looking to get a refund for this flawed rip off. Does anyone know who is dealing with this issue at Roxio? Or am I correct in assuming they have our money and therefore can't be arsed? Is there a possibility of downloading Toast 10.x? x being whatever version they produced that actually works?