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    File Size Bigger Than Original

    In general, if you convert videos (ie avi,divx etc.) to DVD compliant you'll get about 2 hours on 1 DVD. If you burn the episodes as data and don't convert then obviously you can fit more on a DVD. But it may or may not play on your DVD player. check out http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers and input your player brand/name and it will tell you what it should play for formats...
  2. jrbungeetroll

    Music And Data On Same Cd

    I think that will do it, Thanks
  3. jrbungeetroll

    Music And Data On Same Cd

    With Nero 6, I was able to burn a music CD that also has data on it (text file, video etc.) Is there a way to do this with Creator 2011?