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  1. Sorry to say I have stopped my subscription to Roxio Photoshow. It was a great product when it started and I have stayed with it for over 3 years. Sorry ROXIO (CORAL) but if you can't keep the product up- to- date people will look at other options for sharing photo and video (I could never get the video to work) with family and friends on the net.
  2. JRICH

    No Recent Updates

    Thanks for your help, it appears apple is the problem. Video must be in the format H264. All the chat on the web says you need to convert video files to watch on ipad. Not sure what Roxio MP4 format is, do you know ?
  3. JRICH

    No Recent Updates

    Hi Roxio Re Roxio Photoshow. I have been a member of photoshow for over two years but we have had no any updates for a number of months. The product seems to be getting out of date. I have recently purchased an IPAD 2 and no APP available and slideshows will not play correctly in the browser window. I would also like to see options for HD 16.9 viewing on a TV. Please advise if we are going to see any updates soon
  4. JRICH

    Videowave 12

    I recently loaded "Internet Security 2010 Performance Pack" and found that is caused Videowave 12 (MyDVD) to hang when trying to save a project. I disabled norton antivirus, disconnected internet access (switched off the router) and everything works fine. It is definiately Norton causing the problem.